Acrylic is a unique material for a backsplash

Pop some style into your kitchen with a custom backsplash. Here is a collection of unique backsplash ideas along with preparation tips. Create a backsplash that won’t break your budget but will likely make your kitchen the envy of everyone who sees it. . . .

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Installing a medicine cabinet can be an easy DIY project to add extra space or a new look to your bathroom

A medicine cabinet is a low-cost option to create extra space in your bathroom. Modern medicine cabinets come in a large selection of types and styles sure to complement your home décor. . . .

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Grand Rapids, Michigan is attracting investors who want to buy distressed properties

Grand Rapids, Mich., is experiencing a resurgence in the home market and attracting investors with deep pockets from outside the state. According to Realtor® Josh DeLong, his hedge fund clients have millions to splurge, and he is buying up apartment buildings and single-family homes for his clients. DeLong has bought some 20 properties in the greater Grand Rapids area, according to news reports. “We would like to have in the range of 200 buildings. . . .

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There are 14 rules house flippers should follow to create a successful business

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this column over the last two years, so let’s catch our breath and review some principles of successful property flipping. Here’s a review: . . .

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Midcentury modern Architecture and décor was predominant from the 1930s to the 1960s, and we’re seeing a widespread resurgence again today due to the appeal of open floor plans and sleek interior design. The décor associated with this era is iconic. Nothing prior even slightly resembled its unique design elements. New materials such as metals and plastics were introduced, and . . .

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Filing for bankruptcy will affect a credit score, but there are steps that can be taken to work toward buying a home after bankruptcy

Americans can undergo several types of bankruptcy proceedings, but the two most common are known as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out all of your debt (with a few exceptions) while filing a Chapter 13 obligates you to pay back your debts over a period of three to five years. The courts won’t allow you to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you have enough disposable income to pay your debts every month. So, which process is the better choice . . .

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Kitchen before subway tile addition

When we purchased our first home last summer, I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty with a few projects. And by that I mean renovating the entire house. I managed to complete all of it DIY-style and on a budget! Allow me to back up a bit: We bought a fixer-upper with the intention that we’d live in it for a couple of years, fix it up, and use it as a source of rental income in the future. We updated with durable materials that we would love to live with but that would also hold up against rental wear and tear. . . .

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Real estate flippers may need special insurance coverage if they

Much as we’d all love to sell a flipped property within a week of putting it on the market, we all know it doesn’t always happen that way. Indeed, it probably shouldn’t: A big part of the engine that drives flipping profits – at least in the flippin insider way of thinking, is to find sellers who are in a hurry to sell, without being in such a hurry yourself. . . .

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Organizing a bookshelf means creating space for books and storage bins or other objects

Organizing book collections often requires daunting decisions. How to decide which books to keep? What if you want to read a favorite again, pass a recommendation along to a friend, or remember concepts within the pages for reference? Consider the following ideas to help with the decisions as you get your book collection right-sized and organized. . . .

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Home sales dropped last month, but the real estate industry is projecting a positive turnaround with warmer spring weather

The housing market continues to have its ups and downs. While the industry celebrates positive numbers, the negative sales figures often bring about disappointment. Last month, sales of U.S. family homes dropped to the lowest in eight months. According to the Commerce Department, new home sales tumbled 14.5 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 384,000 units. That’s the second straight month of decline, and the biggest drop yet since July last year. . . .

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