Karie Fay

DIY Expert and Freelance Writer

Growing up, Karie Fay picked rocks, hung drywall, carried lumber, straightened nails and performed other sundry tasks necessary to property development and home building. As a born writer, she performed all those tasks with her head in the clouds and her nose in a book. Karie grew up on construction sites and learned to love the smell of sawdust even as she wore girly-girl dresses. Being a practical gal, she attained a bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in law and a concentration in sociology. Fate intervened when her writing talents were given a nod and her skills sharpened: During her junior year of college, she was offered a position as the Op/Ed editor at the University of Arkansas at Monticello's “The Voice.” She soon found herself writing for various clients, including RealEstate.com and the San Francisco Chronicle’s website. Karie's 30 years of experience and ability to write how-to guides that readers can easily visualize has led her back to her DIY roots. She particularly enjoys topics that feature a “Green” solution with a creative outlook such as recycled concrete driveways and cob houses. Today Karie lives in Michigan with her teenage son and two dogs. She gets her hands dirty whenever she can, building or crafting various things.

Acrylic is a unique material for a backsplash

Pop some style into your kitchen with a custom backsplash. Here is a collection of unique backsplash ideas along with preparation tips. Create a backsplash that won’t break your budget but will likely make your kitchen the envy of everyone who sees it. . . .

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Installing a medicine cabinet can be an easy DIY project to add extra space or a new look to your bathroom

A medicine cabinet is a low-cost option to create extra space in your bathroom. Modern medicine cabinets come in a large selection of types and styles sure to complement your home décor. . . .

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Installing a new bathroom faucet is an easy DIY project

Even the nicest faucets wear out in time. Give your bathroom a new look by simply changing out your sink hardware. The choices are almost limitless and the task is simple. It will take you less than an hour or two in most cases, and you’ll be amazed at how such a simple thing changes the look and feel of your bathroom. . . .

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Installing hurricane shutters can help protect your home from wind and storm damage

People can learn something important from squirrels: When it comes to bad weather, prepare for it early and prepare for it well. Preparing for cold weather or power outages is one thing, but is your home hurricane-ready? . . .

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Choosing and installing a rain barrel can be a simple DIY project that leads to financial savings and water conservation

With even the simplest rain barrel, you can harvest water while conserving natural resources, making rain barrels a smart choice both financially and environmentally. Here are the basics on choosing and using your new rain barrel. . . .

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Water damage can affect walls, ceilings, floors and more, but repairing the damage can sometimes be a simple DIY project

If left unrepaired, water damage will continue to worsen, leading to greater problems. Learn what you need to know about water-damaged home interiors and how to tackle the situation appropriately. . . .

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Replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan can be a simple DIY project

Ceiling fans aren’t merely decorative – they help increase your home’s energy efficiency in both cold and warm weather. Set the fan to spin counterclockwise in summer (pulling hotter air up to the ceiling) and clockwise in winter (pushing warmer air down to the floor level). The result: You feel more comfortable and can heat – or cool – your house a little less. . . .

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DIY Cabinet Refacing

by on February 16, 2014

Do-it-yourself cabinet refacing is one way to update cabinets and save costs

Even the nicest, most modern cabinets become outdated with time. With a little do-it-yourself knowledge and the proper tools and preparation, you can simply reface your cabinets rather than replacing them. . . .

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Concrete pavers can be an attractive and durable option for driveways, and a DIY project for homeowners

Beyond the variety of styles, colors, textures and shapes available, pavers – often called paving stones – have distinct advantages over other driveway surfaces. Among other benefits, a concrete paver driveway delivers: . . .

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There are many methods that can be used to distress furniture with paint

Even if you’re building a piece of furniture with new lumber, you can add character by creating a distressed finish. Here’s what you need to know about distressing wood, including creative paint techniques, to create a one-of-a-kind object with an antique feeling. . . .

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