Laura Leist

Founder, President and Chief Organizing and Productivity Consultant

Laura Leist walks her talk when it comes to living an organized life – just ask any of the individuals who have taken classes in Laura’s home. Laura founded Eliminate Chaos in 2000, an organizing and productivity services firm that has helped thousands of clients have “More Time for Life®.” Appreciative clients include CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, high-profile authors, speakers, athletes, media personalities and divas of domesticity. Laura has authored eight books including Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life. In addition to working with clients and writing, Laura speaks to audiences of all sizes on a variety of organizing and productivity topics. She served seven years on the board of directors for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), including the top job of president from 2009 to 2011. Laura loves to travel, and her favorite destination is Hawaii. She and her husband Robert were married on the well-ordered date of 9-10-11 in Maui. They share their home north of Seattle with their four-legged children – a cat and two dogs: Bear and Chaos – the only “Chaos” Laura will not eliminate! Laura will tell you that it’s the treasured moments in life that matter most; not the “stuff.”

Organizing a bookshelf means creating space for books and storage bins or other objects

Organizing book collections often requires daunting decisions. How to decide which books to keep? What if you want to read a favorite again, pass a recommendation along to a friend, or remember concepts within the pages for reference? Consider the following ideas to help with the decisions as you get your book collection right-sized and organized. . . .

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An acrylic makeup organizer with stacked drawers keeps cosmetics organized and easy to see

When was the last time you organized your makeup collection or thought about how long you’ve had your concealer or mascara? Do you know what’s lurking within that seemingly endless bottle of foundation? Are you constantly digging through eye shadows in every color of the rainbow even though you only use a few shades? Get your cosmetic collection under control with the following tips. . . .

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A scarf loop hanger can hold many scarves at once, keeping them organized and easy to find

Do your scarves look more like a miniature Mount Everest piled on the floor of your closet than an organized collection of color? Are your purses plunked wherever there is a corner in your closet instead of treated like the treasures they are? Get these accessories straightened out with the following organizing systems. . . .

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Organizing paperwork clutter will free up valuable space in your home

It doesn’t take long for a paperwork monster to take over your home. First, it creeps into your office as a modest pile that you tell yourself you will deal with later. Then it grows rapidly until it overwhelms the room and goes looking for somewhere else to invade. Before you let the paperwork monster take over your kitchen counter or dining room table, here are some tips to evict the clutter and manage things differently. . . .

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Boot shapers help keep boots organized while they are in storage

You’ve uncovered your sunglasses from their winter hibernation. Birds are chirping, new shoots are springing up and colors are emerging on bushes and trees. Spring is near! Just as the daffodils emerge from their planter boxes, it’s time to give new life to your spring wardrobe and retire the wool scarves and hats for the season. Follow these steps to an organized spring wardrobe and proper protection for your winter gear. . . .

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Tote bags and baskets can help organize foods in a chest freezer

You have just returned from the grocery store with more hamburger buns than you can flip patties for. What to do? Perhaps it’s time to get that neglected chest freezer organized! Food won’t get lost in the depths of your freezer if you follow these simple guidelines. . . .

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Sometimes it feels like babies have the largest wardrobe in the house! Between grandmas, aunts, best friends and colleagues, everyone loves to gift sweet baby clothes to an expecting family. Knowing what to do with all the clothes after the baby shower can be a challenge. Here are some thoughts to consider when organizing baby clothes. . . .

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Careful organizing in a child

Oh, the problem of a room overflowing with clothes and nowhere to put them! Whether you have a small bedroom that won’t fit a dresser, or you are a student trying to make the most of a small dorm room, these tips on how to organize clothing without a dresser are sure to give you a place to start eliminating your chaos! . . .

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An organized nightstand will help create a peaceful environment in your bedroom

Does your nightstand remind you of a nightmare you’d like to hide from behind your lavender eye mask? Turn it into a tranquil haven that summons Mr. Sandman quicker than you can hit your snooze alarm. Here are some ideas how: . . .

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A belt rack can be used for jewelry storage to keep necklaces tangle-free

Whether or not you received something sparkly for Valentine’s Day, you can still give yourself the gift of a stunningly organized jewelry collection. Too often, precious jewelry pieces are cast into dark holes of jewelry pouches as if they were yesterday’s Valentine’s candies. Here are some ideas to get those ornate items out of their boxes and organized. . . .

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