Selling a house means paying a number of costs, including taxes, fees and insurance and other expenses

First-time home sellers are typically in for a bit of a shock when they receive the closing statement. Yikes! It seems like everyone in town has their fingers on part of the proceeds from the sale of the home. From taxes to insurance to real estate fees, what you think you’ll get at closing is chipped away until it’s far less than what you expected. . . .

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Installing a new bathroom faucet is an easy DIY project

Even the nicest faucets wear out in time. Give your bathroom a new look by simply changing out your sink hardware. The choices are almost limitless and the task is simple. It will take you less than an hour or two in most cases, and you’ll be amazed at how such a simple thing changes the look and feel of your bathroom. . . .

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Options are endless when it comes to decorating a bedroom for your child. Consider the space you have to work with as you craft a room for your child to enjoy. This room should be comforting and practical but also embrace your child’s individuality by employing a general theme or color scheme that appeals to them. Safety, function, and personality are all important considerations when creating a bedroom for kids. . . .

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New home construction is booming in Houston, Texas and other cities

Toward the end of each month, the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development release residential construction activity statistics for the previous month. The statistics are broken down into several categories; the most heavily anticipated being the number of groundbreakings – which they refer to as “housing starts” – and the number of building permits issued. The latter is an indication of future new home construction. . . .

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How to tell if an air conditioning unit is working well

You’ve finally found the home of your dreams, but your adventure in homeownership has only just begun. First, you have to make sure everything, including the air conditioning, is in proper working order. Although you should always have your home professionally inspected, there are a few things you can check on your own to ensure the air conditioning unit is working well . . .

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French country style often includes exposed rafters and rustic materials

French country style exhibits a perfect blending of rustic country and quaint, classic romance. It displays a well-balanced fusion of sophisticated patterns and playful color, showcasing both vintage and new. It’s eclectic yet cozy – a unique style that is charming and warmly inviting. Whether you seek to dress up your classic home or furnish your country charmer, add a splash of French country décor to your home. . . .

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There are three major red flags that homebuyers should watch out for when touring a home

Although there are many so-called “red flags” to look for when touring a home, let’s take a look at the top three that – if you see them – should make you reconsider submitting an offer without a contingency for further inspection. . . .

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The IRS has introduced a safe harbor that makes things easier for landlords when it comes to claiming deductions

Here’s a bit of good news for small landlords: The Internal Revenue Service has introduced a “safe harbor” for deducting repairs to investment properties from ordinary income. Normally, the IRS does not allow you to take a full current-year deduction for anything they consider a renovation or improvement. They only allow you to take a first-year deduction on repairs, which the IRS defines as projects that do not materially add to the value of a property . . .

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Organic lawn care can be easy and affordable

One of my favorite things to do in the heat of summer is stand barefoot on a nice cool lawn. The grass feels cool and moist, and I like to squish my toes around in the blades of grass. It’s just one of those sensory experiences I truly enjoy. But what if that same lawn has been dowsed in chemicals in order to achieve its lushness? Well, that sort of changes the experience, doesn’t it? If you’d rather minimize the use of herbicides and pesticides, here are a few lawn care tips you can use . . .

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Lighting design can add value to your home as well as reduced energy costs. People are naturally drawn to a well-lit space, and the right lighting can enhance anyone’s mood. Use light effectively in your home to take full advantage of its countless offerings. . . .

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