Organic lawn care can be easy and affordable

One of my favorite things to do in the heat of summer is stand barefoot on a nice cool lawn. The grass feels cool and moist, and I like to squish my toes around in the blades of grass. It’s just one of those sensory experiences I truly enjoy. But what if that same lawn has been dowsed in chemicals in order to achieve its lushness? Well, that sort of changes the experience, doesn’t it? If you’d rather minimize the use of herbicides and pesticides, here are a few lawn care tips you can use . . .

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Choosing and installing a rain barrel can be a simple DIY project that leads to financial savings and water conservation

With even the simplest rain barrel, you can harvest water while conserving natural resources, making rain barrels a smart choice both financially and environmentally. Here are the basics on choosing and using your new rain barrel. . . .

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There are many benefits to planting bare-root trees and shrubs in a garden

Most gardeners are familiar with seeing plants in pots at a garden store. It is the most common way for plants to be packaged for consumers. However, there are benefits to planting bare-root trees and shrubs, and important steps to take in order to successfully transplant them. . . .

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Flowering quince is a winter-blooming shrub that works well for indoor arrangements

The days are shorter, the leaves have fallen, and the lawn is dormant. Except for squirrels hurriedly burying their treasures in your garden, it appears things have gone dark and dormant for the winter. With the exception of covering hose bibs and shoveling snow off of the sidewalk, most homeowners give little thought to their garden in the winter. However, a few winter-blooming shrubs can change everything, add color to an otherwise bleak landscape, and provide . . .


Maintaining and winterizing your rain barrel will help it function properly and last longer

Left neglected, a rain barrel is the ideal environment to attract and breed any number of nasty things. For the most part, all it takes is simply keeping an eye on the system and cleaning it as needed. If you have specific instructions from the manufacturer, follow those, of course. Otherwise, use these all-purpose maintenance and cleaning tips applicable to most rain barrel installations. . . .

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Tips for Growing Dahlias

by on October 31, 2013

To grow dahlias successfully, gardeners should plant the flowers in appropriate soil conditions

In late summer and early autumn, dahlias are a great source of color and beauty in the garden. Mixed into a planting bed with ornamental grasses, woody shrubs, and other perennials, the showy flowers add drama and much needed color when many other plants are starting to wane. In an earlier article, we looked at the many Dahlia forms and colors available. Here you’ll find tips on how to add them to your garden. . . .

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You can improve your home

Do you consider landscaping a long-term investment? If not, you probably should. According to the Appraisal Institute, good landscaping can not only increase a home’s value, but may also help sell a property much quicker. Here is what proper landscaping can do for you home: . . .


Ball form dahlias are spherical in shape

One of my favorite exhibits when I visit the county fair in late summer is the dahlia exhibit. The flowers range in size from over 10 inches in diameter (known as giant) to under 2 inches (called mignon). I enjoy seeing the hundreds of different varieties, colors, and shapes; noting the ones I like the best; and buying a few dahlias to grow in my garden. . . .

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If you have the right conditions in your garden, you may have moss growing in your lawn

Perhaps you’ve spent every weekend in your garden mowing, edging and weeding. Throughout the dry, hot months of summer, your lawn has looked great. Then fall comes, and with the change in weather, suddenly you’re seeing moss in your lawn. This is irritating, especially after toiling away to keep your lawn looking great all summer. What can you do? . . .

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Sowing a Winter Garden

by on October 3, 2013

Gardening can continue through the winter if you choose the right plants and protect them from frost

As children go back to school and the sun sinks lower in the sky, most vegetable gardeners start cleaning up the garden and putting their tools away. But not so fast! There is much to do in the fall and winter garden. Just because daylight hours are shorter is no reason to put down that garden trowel. Don’t scrub the soil from under your nails yet. There’s more work to be done. . . .

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