How to tell if an air conditioning unit is working well

You’ve finally found the home of your dreams, but your adventure in homeownership has only just begun. First, you have to make sure everything, including the air conditioning, is in proper working order. Although you should always have your home professionally inspected, there are a few things you can check on your own to ensure the air conditioning unit is working well . . .

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Termites, beetles and even fungus and wreak havoc on a home, which is why buyers need to watch for signs of infestation during the home-buying process.

Faulty wiring and leaky plumbing aren’t the only things to be afraid of when purchasing a home. Dry rot, crumbling timbers and spongy floors are signs of pest infestations that can seriously affect the home’s structure. What’s even more frightening is that an infestation may not be readily apparent to a home inspector and, if undetected, can seriously undermine the home’s safety. . . .

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Inspect asphalt roofs before moving in

When you are investing hundreds of thousands of hard-earned money into a home, the last thing you want is to discover significant roof damage right as you are moving in. After all, standard roof replacements on average-sized homes can cost upwards of $20,000. That money could be used for your kid’s college fund, to take care of your aging parents, or even on your own retirement. . . .

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Home inspectors are limited in what they can inspect and where in homes they can go

A professional home inspection is a critical component of the homebuying process. While having one completed is important, it is also not a foolproof method of identifying existing or potential problems in a home. There are certain areas of the home that the inspector won’t examine, and others that he just isn’t qualified to assess. . . .

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Cracked brick is capable of causing major structural problems for your home

Motivations for buying an old house are as varied as American architectural styles. Before the swoon over a stately Victorian or 1940s bungalow casts a soft focus over reality, plant your feet on the ground and grab a note pad; some homework is in order. Older homes may have expensive problems. Just as a title [...] . . .

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olympia home inspection

Your Olympia home inspection will be comprehensive, with the home inspector checking everything from exterior siding and roof condition to looking for plumbing leaks and seeing whether electrical outlets function properly. Although it is not specifically a code inspection, the home inspector will be considering building codes as he or she evaluates the . . .

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home safety inspection checklist

If you’ve never inspected the safety of your home, now is the time to start. Follow with periodic home safety inspections and ongoing corrective measures to help catch problems before they catch you. Use the home safety checklist below to inspect the structure and to implement smart safety practices. These precautions will keep your house your “home sweet home” and prevent . . .

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rental home maintenance checklist

As a landlord, there’s really no reason to dread the ring of a phone and the news that there’s a problem. Instead, perform regular safety and maintenance checks, replacing and repairing items that need attention. For repairs beyond your comfort level, keep the number of a trusted handyman or hire a professional for electrical and plumbing repairs. When you keep your rentals in . . .

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Wipe the stars from your eyes, put on your big-kid glasses, and get ready to see just what this dream house “does.” Your friends at have put together a handy checklist to take with you to the home. Use this checklist immediately after making the offer to purchase and before you call out the home inspector. This way, you can supply him or her with an extra set of “eyes” for . . .


home hurricane safety inspections

When you buy a home, have a professional home inspection performed. As part of this inspection, the inspector can alert you to items that could pose issues if a hurricane comes your way. If it has been awhile since you moved in, then you may want to get a new inspection to alert you to any pending threats or deferred maintenance, which could eventually leave your home vulnerable to . . .

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