Buying home insurance helps homebuyers protect their investment

Imagine losing everything you own – every single possession in your home and maybe even the house too. Ask anyone who has lived through a devastating fire what it feels like to suddenly have nothing but the clothes you’re wearing and you’ll understand the importance of buying home insurance. The purchase of this all-important coverage is the one point in the home-buying process for which few first-time homebuyers are prepared. . . .

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If you live in Florida or another state at risk for sinkholes, check your home insurance policy for sinkhole coverage

Last week, a chasm in the earth opened up and nearly swallowed two buildings at the Summer Bay Resort, a Disney-area timeshare development in Clermont, Fla., close to Orlando. Dozens of timeshare owners and guests had to be evacuated in minutes as a sinkhole opened under the buildings, causing major parts of the structure to sheer off and collapse. A security guard, widely praised as a hero for running into the building, . . .

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Home warranties are not insurance policies, but they can provide some peace of mind for new homeowners

It sure seems like a good idea: an insurance policy, of sorts, that covers the appliances and major systems in the house you’ve just purchased. Home warranties are actually service contracts, not insurance policies and not warranties. They were created to provide financial protection for homeowners faced with the failure of major mechanical systems, such as the heating and air conditioning. Home warranties provide peace of mind, say some. . . .

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home insurance for retirees

Paying for your homeowners insurance is a routine that, over the years, becomes habit. The experts at AARP warn that allowing this routine to continue mindlessly can be a costly mistake. Not all home insurance policies are the same. Not all companies charge the same premium, and retirees need to be especially mindful that the coverage . . .

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home owner insurance policy definitions

If you feel like you’re reading a foreign language when you look over your homeowner’s insurance policy, you aren’t alone. Where simple language that’s easy for the layperson to understand will suffice, the typical homeowner’s insurance policy is loaded with industry jargon. Grab a cup of coffee to keep yourself awake while we pick that policy apart . . .