Greg Geilman of South Bay Residential wearing his Google Glass to work in real estate

Real estate agents who keep abreast with technological advances are ecstatic about Google’s head-mounted computer, Google Glass. If you follow any technology blogs, it’s nearly impossible to miss the buzz – and heated debate – surrounding Google Glass and what ramifications this innovation in computing will have in our day-to-day lives. . . .

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Write eye-catchy headlines for your Craigslist real estate listings

Despite the fact that it is probably one of the most unattractive sites on the Internet, Craigslist attracts a huge number of users across the United States. Many real estate agents are getting amazing results from advertising their listings on Craigslist. Sure, it’s time-consuming, but, as one agent put it, “It’s free and it produces tons of leads.” . . .

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Real estate agents can create informed clients by educating their prospects

What if all of your clients knew exactly what to expect during the real estate transaction? Imagine how comfortable they would be, how less likely they would be to freak out over the smallest bump in the road. Taking the time to educate your clients takes this premise and makes it a reality. Even better is to educate your prospects before they become clients. We all know that a prospect can be anyone, anywhere, so reaching out to the broadest possible audience in your efforts to educate . . .

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Realtors can benefit from cooperation, like forming a social media syndicate

As a real estate agent, have you ever really thought about who is your ideal customer? You see, real estate agents, when asked to define their perfect customer, too often say, “anyone looking to buy, sell or lease real estate.” The truth is, that’s very rarely the case. In most cases, agents only want to work in specific areas, specific price ranges and so forth. . . .

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Some real estate agents prefer to work alone, but others benefit greatly from having a business partner

If you’re running your business intelligently, you’re bound to get to a point where you can no longer handle everything by yourself. At this point, most agents decide to delegate the administrative tasks and consider hiring an assistant to take them on. With an assistant to take over these tasks, the agent becomes more productive, generates additional business, and thus makes more money. That “success builds on success” is never more apparent than in the trajectory of a . . .

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Real estate mentors provide guidance, wisdom and confidence to beginner real estate investors

In today’s real estate market, everyone is looking for a way to gain an advantage over the competition. With record low housing inventories and an influx of real estate investors entering the profession, trying to generate another source of income, the market has become downright cutthroat. Today’s market is an area where many investors still [...] . . .

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Some real estate agents benefit from hiring publicists or public relations firms, but is it right for your marketing strategy?

It isn’t just the so-called celebrity real estate agents, or those who cater to rarified-air-breathing billionaires and status-seeking social climbers that hire publicists. More and more real estate agents across the country, in markets big and small, are hiring public relations firms or publicists to help them define their brands and beef up their presence in the market. If you’re feeling the need to get noticed and are considering hiring someone to help you, read on. . . .

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Many real estate agents earn designations o try to boost credibility

Real estate designations: For some they are a source of ridicule, to others they are confusing and to others, a source of pride. They can be costly and time-consuming to obtain. Are they worth it? That depends on your reasons for obtaining a designation. Many agents use designations in their marketing, assuming it gives them credibility. In reality, it doesn’t. . . .

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Many agents think real estate is nothing but a numbers game, but some newer agents disagree

The odds of winning a Powerball lottery jackpot are 1 in 195,200,000. The very best professional baseball player hits the ball once for every four attempts. This means that the cream of the crop succeeds only one time out of four. Life is full of statistical odds, but is the practice of real estate merely a numbers game? . . .

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Following up on Internet leads can help real estate agents get clients

Have you ever found yourself parked in front of the phone, dreading picking it up? A cold call is one of the most intimidating tasks of the average salesperson. Thankfully, that first phone call to an online lead isn’t a cold call. It’s not a warm call, either. That call is hot. Not “hot” the way Paris Hilton uses the word, but hot nonetheless. After all, the person you are calling . . .

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