Write eye-catchy headlines for your Craigslist real estate listings

Despite the fact that it is probably one of the most unattractive sites on the Internet, Craigslist attracts a huge number of users across the United States. Many real estate agents are getting amazing results from advertising their listings on Craigslist. Sure, it’s time-consuming, but, as one agent put it, “It’s free and it produces tons of leads.” . . .

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Many agents think real estate is nothing but a numbers game, but some newer agents disagree

The odds of winning a Powerball lottery jackpot are 1 in 195,200,000. The very best professional baseball player hits the ball once for every four attempts. This means that the cream of the crop succeeds only one time out of four. Life is full of statistical odds, but is the practice of real estate merely a numbers game? . . .

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Following up on Internet leads can help real estate agents get clients

Have you ever found yourself parked in front of the phone, dreading picking it up? A cold call is one of the most intimidating tasks of the average salesperson. Thankfully, that first phone call to an online lead isn’t a cold call. It’s not a warm call, either. That call is hot. Not “hot” the way Paris Hilton uses the word, but hot nonetheless. After all, the person you are calling . . .

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Baby boomers are a large segment of the population with significant wealth - and they are buying and selling real estate

If you’re using these early weeks of the new year to identify weak spots in your business and tweak your marketing, have you considered focusing on a niche? If so, might I interest you in focusing on a group of people that will soon constitute one-half of the U.S. population? This segment is one that is almost completely ignored by the real estate industry, yet . . .

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Real estate agents can track leads and create more effective online marketing strategies by following their site

As a real estate professional, the first contact you have with potential clients is often through your Web presence and website. As you are implementing your marketing campaign to drive people to your website and generate new clients, you need to know if your website is working (converting visitors into leads and leads into clients) or making . . .

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paid search for real estate

While a lot of real estate agents know about Google Adwords, it’s a safe bet that many don’t understand how it works and why they should consider using the paid search model to advertise their business. Whether or not to advertise on Google is an important question and a big topic, so we are going to tackle this in three parts: . . .

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online real estate lead generation

I talk to real estate agents all the time who tell me, “Man, I got 100 online real estate leads and 40 of them suck.” Ask any veteran of the real estate business how many cold calls they had to make back in the day to get just one good lead and you’ll understand that 60 real estate leads, received passively via the Internet, is amazing. Especially when you consider that you only have to close one of those leads to . . .

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