How to Make a Small Home Office

by on May 5, 2012Laura Leist

Whether you work from home full-time or simply desire a place to sort through mail, having an organized home office is important; this is especially true if you are limited on space. There are many creative and innovative ways to create a functional and fashionable home office setting.

Small Home Office Necessities

The first thing you must consider before setting up your office is what you actually need in order to get your work done. Depending on the type of work you do your list may vary, but some things to keep in mind are:

  • Surface space: Example: if you are a designer, you most likely will want a small desk for your computer and a larger desk for your sketches.
  • Supplies: Do you need a phone, scanner, printer, paper shredder, etc. to get your work done?

Home Office Locations

Once you have an idea of the type of space needed for your home office, you are ready to determine a location. An ideal space is in a designated room at the front of the house with a door. Not everyone has this option, so some important aspects for you to strive to achieve are:

  • Privacy: A room divider can provide a semi to completely private space. Use a floor-to-ceiling option with a sliding door for complete privacy.
  • Low noise: If the space has hardwoods or tile, a large area rug under the desk will absorb some of the sound. Soundproof headphones are also useful.

Home Office Setup and Design

When setting up your home office, don’t be afraid to tap into innovative ideas that maintain functionality and flow.

  • Functionality: ample storage space to eliminate a cluttered workspace.
  • Flow: accessibility to all items needed to complete a task.

As for the design of your space, consider keeping storage items in the same material and color.  For example, use all black-metal filing cabinets to create a uniform look.

Here are some examples of how to achieve these without compromising style:

small office desk

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  • While this office does not have a room divider, it is nicely placed next to a wall with a hallway close by. This provides semi-privacy while also eliminating the feeling of being cramped and closed off.
small closet office

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  • Repurposing a closet can be a wonderful solution. Adding a contrasting, cool color tone to the closet wall creates a serene workspace.
small home office

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  • This kitchen nook serves as a perfect home office space. Using file folders of the same size and color creates a very clean and organized look.
  • Less is more if you store! When you are able to backup your files electronically and utilize over the head storage, your clutter is eliminated completely.
  • A corner desk with a hutch is a great option that takes up minimal space.

Office Accessories

With your home office area set up, all that is left is to accessorize your space for a more personalized and – most importantly – ORGANIZED space.

  • Wall mounted containers save space and create a very customized look.
  • Bulletin boards are wonderful for off-the floor organization. There are many different options for the many different responsibilities of your life or work life.
  • Every home office can use a place to store paperwork, so why not have fun with organizing by adding a pop of color and print. Finding options with interchangeable labels are a must because you never know when you might need to repurpose a storage item.

Your home office should be a space that you look forward to spending time in. Life is too short for clutter. Enjoy your space and happy organizing.


Laura Leist, CPO
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