How to Use YouTube to Sell Homes

by on March 6, 2013Faith McGee

Youtube videos can be a powerful marketing and social media tool for real estate businessesMany real estate agents use YouTube as a powerful marketing tool. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, you are missing out on an effective method of showcasing properties and generating leads for your real estate business.

This video-sharing website offers agents a chance to shoot engaging, in-depth property tours that highlight amenities and address key selling points. Because there are thousands of home tour and real estate videos on YouTube, it’s important to make yours stand out from the rest by:

  • Incorporating your own personality in the video.
  • Including a neighborhood tour.
  • Adding informative tips.

Selling Yourself on YouTube

Videos of homes may not be memorable enough for buyers and sellers to contact you. Creating a personal connection to the viewer by incorporating your own personality and demonstrating your expertise in a specific field makes your video stand out.

Bob Sokoler, Realtor® at RE/MAX Properties East in Louisville, Ky., draws upon his background as a television news reporter and anchor when making videos. “It’s tough to hide in front of a camera. I’ve been doing these videos for more than six years, and they give both buyers and sellers a unique look at my personality,” says Sokoler. In many of Sokoler’s YouTube videos, he goes beyond showing a property. He adds humor to his scripted tours and gives people advice about what to look for in a home, which demonstrates his expertise in the market.

To help you reduce performance anxiety, write a video script before filming. Paint a picture of what it would be like to live in the home. Infuse some of your own personality by adding what you think makes the property special. By appearing natural and confident, you are able to produce a video that sells a property and yourself to buyers.

Sell more homes use real estate video

Neighborhood Tours – Are You an Expert on Your Area?

Many people make their decision about a home based on a neighborhood’s cultural amenities, proximity to employment opportunities, local schools and distance from outdoor recreation. Real estate agents benefit from creating neighborhood tour videos. Neil Mathweg, real estate agent at Century 21 in Sun Prairie, Wis., gives viewers an engaging tour of the city by showing them all the places where residents shop, eat, get employed and enjoy wildlife.

You can distinguish yourself as an authority on a neighborhood or city by listing community events and other cultural activities. Interviewing locals within a community also gives viewers an idea of whether a neighborhood suits their needs.  Don’t let the fear of having to operate or pay for expensive equipment keep you from creating videos. Mathweg shot his neighborhood tour video using his iPhone.

Attract Viewers With Quick, Informative Tips

Informative tips are a great way to give people real estate advice and demonstrate your expertise in a field. Some topics that can be covered include:

  • Eco-friendly building.
  • How to purchase a home.
  • Lease-to-own tips.
  • How short sales work.
  • Renovation tips.

Videos that cover tips or feature interviews with experts are generally pretty short. Most people don’t have the time to sit down and watch a 10-minute video. Make your video around three to four minutes so that it will appeal to a wider audience.

The more videos you have posted on YouTube the better chance you’ll have with your website showing up first in search engine rankings. “It helps to increase search engine optimization of my website because YouTube has so many hits; my name comes up first many times when searching for properties in a particular area,” says Karyn Glubis, broker associate at The Real Estate Expert LLC. To optimize your videos, make sure that you use keywords in the title text, description and tags. Posting your YouTube video on social media websites like Facebook will also help increase the number of viewers, which can lead to more traffic to your website.

Marketing Your YouTube Videos

There are numerous ways to market your YouTube Videos:

  • Facebook channels.
  • Announcing them in tweets.
  • Posting them on listing websites.
  • Embedding them in company blogs.

Go beyond sharing your YouTube videos on your own website and social media accounts. Ask people to “Like” a video in order to increase its ranking in YouTube. The higher it shows in the ranking the more views you’ll get. By adding YouTube to your marketing mix, you are able to promote yourself as well as the properties that you are representing.

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Andrew Mooers September 19, 2014 at 6:57 pm

Forget your “unique personality” and turn your blinking red light around to capture the local events, the property listings you need to tour guide. Go easy on the agent / broker branding.


Priyta Lakini June 19, 2014 at 7:53 pm

Thanks for your insights. I am building my website.


Daniel S January 11, 2014 at 5:19 pm

Youtube tags are not as effective as other fields, so I’d focus on other areas such as title, description and the actual quality of the video content itself. I personally know youtube works for increasing property exposure because I’ve watched a video on there of a property myself. It gives you the feel like your exploring the property without actually being there. There are investors that profit from flipping property just from better social marketing, so online marketing is an effective tool that I think is somewhat neglected.


Norman Risner September 18, 2013 at 8:05 pm

What about some examples of tags for real estate? Seems to be hard finding info on the internet about how to input tags as single or phrases.


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