Let’s Get Your Home Office Organized!

by on April 6, 2013Laura Leist

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. When you walk into a clean and organized workspace you are ready to begin your day confidently, knowing where everything is and having your tools easily accessible to you. Wouldn’t you love to walk into a clean and organized office every day, ready to take over the world, rather than feeling anxiety when a deadline is approaching and you cannot find what you need?

Here are a few helpful hints to turn your home office into the most productive room in your home.

Break Down Office Into Sections

Don’t become overwhelmed at the thought of organizing your home office. First things first, break down the room into sections and gather books, pictures, trash, cords and so on. Go through each group of items and decide what you need to keep, give, donate, or move to another room in your home. Eliminate any duplicate items, and purge anything that is no longer needed. Throw away all trash and items that have passed their expiration date. When separating related items into piles, do not become too detailed in this task. For example, if you have a pile of pictures, you don’t need to separate them into a bunch of different piles. Think on a broader level; separate pictures into family pictures, work pictures and friend pictures as opposed to daughter pictures, son pictures and friends individually. Use your time wisely.

Store Items Properly

It is very important to store your belongings in the most efficient way possible. Make sure you store pictures in acid-free boxes or with acid-free paper and in places in your home with low temperatures and low humidity. The higher the temperature the faster the color will fade.

Archival paper storage is an important part of organizing your home office Picture via containerstore.com

Utilize All Your Spaces

Frame important pictures to hang on display. Align books on the bookshelf in a number of ways, alphabetically, by size or color. Digitize old files to lessen the load of paper in your office. Use a clear over-the-door shoe organizer to hold cords and chargers. Label each pocket so that you know where to return something when you are done using it. This is a great way to organize without using any counter or floor space.

Purchase a flame-retardant box for all the cords that come from the back of the computer, printer and lamps. Pull the cords out of the back of the box, put the lid on and all of the unsightly cords will be out of sight. Drawer organizers keep office supplies tidy, make it easy to find and replace items, and help to keep drawers nice and neat.

Use handy storage products to organize computer cables Picture via easyhomestead.blogspot.com


After you have your like items grouped together you can assess your storage and counter space needs. Do you need to buy another bookcase? Do you need more storage space? A more functional desk? These are all questions you can ask yourself once you have seen what actually does need to be stored in your office.

Multipurpose Furniture

An easy way to create storage and comfort in a small space is to use multifunctional furniture. Ottomans with removable tops function as seating and storage all in one.

Mutlipurpose furniture provides extra storage space in a home office Picture via decoist.com


Keep your desk area as clean as possible at all times. Keeping this area tidy helps to keep your mind clutter-free. When it comes to mail, keep two boxes in your home office: one labeled for personal mail and one labeled for work mail. Never put the lid on these boxes so that you can always see if there is a piece of mail that needs to be dealt with.

Keeping your home office organized should be a part of your daily work routine. This aids in the functionality and efficiency of your work. Remember, break down the room into sections, store and display appropriately, utilize all your space and use multifunctional furniture. These are a few tips that I hope will bring you an office that you love working in!


Laura Leist, CPO
Organizing with Laura

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Harry W Postlethwait April 16, 2013 at 7:58 am

The suggestion of the over-the-door shoe rack to store cords is great as is the acid free box for photo’s. I have a number of watercolors that I haven’t time to mat and frame that are sitting in my office space. That alone will brighten my day.


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