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Build your business by building your brand

  • Exclusivity: Millions of homebuyers and sellers come to RealEstate.com to view real estate listings and information on their local area. Be the EXCLUSIVE agent for your city, with your brand and photo prominently displayed. RealEstate.com has only ONE featured agent per city, giving you a unique and professional advertising opportunity.
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  • Great Consumer Experience: Associate yourself with RealEstate.com, which provides a unique and differentiating experience for consumers:
    • Photo-Centric: RealEstate.com is visual and lets the photos of the homes speak for themselves.
    • Clean & Simple: RealEstate.com is uncluttered by excessive advertising, using simple navigation to help consumers find the best information in their real estate search.
    • Accurate & Up-to-Date Home Listings: Consumers will be able to browse ALL and the most updated, accurate listings from the MLS in a market*.
  • Unlimited Marketing Reach: As the exclusive sponsor of RealEstate.com in your city, you can use the RealEstate.com brand, data and web site in your marketing to drive greater consumer recognition, traffic and home buyer and seller contacts.

Be an Expert on RealEstate.com

Sponsorship opportunities on RealEstate.com are sold per city. As the Exclusive RealEstate.com Expert, you can:

  • Gain exposure among potential home buyers in the “Find Homes” section of the site where buyers can browse available home listings.
  • Meet potential sellers in the “Home Values” section of the site where consumers can research the estimated value of their home.
  • Showcase your local market expertise in the “Local Info” section of the site where consumers go to learn more about a particular city, its neighborhoods, schools, parks and city services.
  • Build your brand as the expert agent featured in the “Professional Directory” section of the site.

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*RealEstate.com currently supports 123 MLS's representing more than coverage of more than 80% of the United States.