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RealEstate.com serves as the ultimate resource for first-time home buyers, offering easy-to-understand tools and expert advice at every stage in the process.

Why'd we decide to focus on first timers? To start, you represent 42 percent of all home buyers out there. That's a pretty big hunk of the pie. And, truth be told, you're underserved. Solid information - specific to your age, stage and needs - is hard to come by.

Why trust us? We represent some of Zillow Group's most talented and knowledgeable developers, designers and writers, gathered together - think-tank style - to create a custom experience just for you. But maybe even more important, we understand your struggle. We've been there (or are there) and think it stinks to make one of life's biggest decisions without a roadmap.

We've worked hard to make sure your experience is next-level. Here's what makes us a bit different from the rest:

Guidance You Need

What's the best way to stash away cash for a down payment? How should you go about finding a home loan? We're here to strip the fear out of home buying and arm you with the confidence you need to make decisions and communicate with loan and real estate agents, home inspectors and more.

Search That Feels Familiar

Are you still thinking in terms of a monthly rent? No worries. Our first-of-its-kind search experience enables you to plug in a monthly payment you're willing to make (plus a down payment you can afford) and we'll serve up homes that meet your needs.

"Big Picture" Results

The "All-In Price" calculator, unique to the industry, captures almost EVERY expense that might roll up into your monthly payment: principle and interest, property taxes, homeowner's insurance, HOA fees and utilities. We're also including the closing costs that wrack up quickly at the tail-end of the home buying process. All the information you need to determine a home's affordability - up front and at your fingertips!

A Voice Like Your Own

No legal speak here! We're hoping our down-to-earth approach will cut through the noise and ease your stress. And, to engage a growing and important segment of our audience, we're pleased to offer both Chinese and Spanish-language versions of our site.
Like what you see so far? You ultimately drive this engine, so don't be shy. Tell us: What's working? What would you change? What's missing? Let us know!