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Akron, OH

Known as "Rubber City," Akron is considered a hub for business and production. Along with its industrial strength, it's a city that's starting to thrive, with arts and culture as well. Add in delicious restaurants and breweries, excellent public and private school options and a nearby national park and you have an attractive place to buy a home.

Downtown Akron is experiencing a massive revival, with city leaders pouring effort and money into creating a walkable and livable space for residents. The improvement includes a burgeoning foodie culture with the upscale date-night pick Crave and the after-theatre favorite The Lockwood. Speaking of theatre, Akron enjoys a vibrant entertainment scene, with E.J. Thomas Hall, a space that welcomes the Akron Symphony Orchestra, many Broadway plays and an abundance of other cultural events. Another favorite is Lock 3 Park, a year-round venue that hosts a summertime concert series and offers a wintertime ice skating rink. After a skate session, be sure to stop by Akron's long-established favorite brewery, Hoppin' Frog Brewery, for some delicious beers that rotate on a seasonal basis.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy proximity to Ohio's only national park, Cuyahoga National Park. The park is gorgeous and beloved, with hiking trails that skirt around many waterfalls and allow for glimpses of wildlife. Or, if you'd prefer, see Cuyahoga from the vantage point of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, a volunteer-operated train system that brings riders through the park.

Real estate in Akron costs around $100,000. Housing stock is good, and resale value continues to hold steady. Favorite neighborhoods include Silver Lake Village, which offers gorgeous walking trails throughout, and the family friendly Tallmadge area, which hosts a yearly ice cream social and Halloween dance parties. If you're looking for an accessibly priced real estate market in a thriving community, buying a home in Akron is a smart consideration.

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