5 Reasons Why You Need a Renovation Calendar: Like, Now

how to set up a home remodeling planner

I have a love/hate relationship with planning my home improvement projects ahead of time. In the “against” column we have the loss of spontaneity, the self-imposed feeling of being behind if things run late, and the constant pressure of knowing that my wife has seen the plan. That means she can then say things like “You said you would do X project before Y date,” which can really ruin a football game.

In the “for” column, on the other hand, there are some pretty solid benefits to creating an annual home improvement calendar, especially for the big projects.

Here are four unique ways a home remodeling planner can help you with your home improvement plans.

1. A Home Remodeling Calendar Helps You Think It Through

One of the most difficult aspects of home renovation can be the whole concept of deciding what to do first. That’s why a road map for your overall outcome is so important. It helps you avoid getting things out of order.

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An annual remodeling calendar can do the same thing. It helps you think through all of the projects you want to get done in the coming year and put them in a reasonable order.

It’s also a great way to think about how the weather will impact your plans. All sorts of projects have a weather component. Roof replacement shouldn’t be done in the rainy season if you can help it. Air conditioning work should be done while the weather is temperate rather than in August when it’s sweltering. Interior painting can be done comfortably while the ground is covered in snow outside.

2. A Renovation Planner Can Relieve Pressure

One of the greatest productivity tricks in the world is to calendar out your major goals. Just seeing them written on the calendar can have a very beneficial effect on the overwhelm that many people feel when they think about just how much work the house needs.

By putting the work on the calendar, and even writing down a few major components for the year or two ahead, you can really find yourself breathing a sigh of relief because you can see, in black and white, that it will get done eventually.

3. A Renovation Calendar Makes You Accountable

On the flip side of the above coin is the factor of accountability. Just like with a workout schedule, if you’ve got your home reno projects written out, you’ll know if you didn’t do something as planned. While this is kind of a drawback in some ways because it can make you feel behind or like you’ve “failed” if you don’t stay on-time, it can help avoid that very undesirable project creep where you end up with an unfinished kitchen for a year. Not that I would know anything about that personally.

4. A Home Remodeling Calendar Can Help You Budget

It’s a great exercise to take a few hours at the same time you create your annual calendar to go ahead and throw together a bit of an estimate for the projects you’re scheduling. This way you can get a feel for your overall home-improvement budget for the year.

That could come in handy when you’re standing in front of the giant TVs at Best Buy, contemplating the cost of that 85-inch 4K with HDR. An annual view of the budget can also help you see where you might want to change plans around, maybe moving the kitchen remodel into next year, or next year’s planned outdoor living space into the coming summer.

5. Plotting Out Home Renovations Gives You Bargaining Power

Last but not least, a Renovation Calendar can act as somewhat of an “anchor” in times of unexpected expenditures of time or money. An example that has frequently come into play in my travel-addicted family is this: “OMG look at this crazy sale on airfare! We can go to London for only $800 round trip…” Once we’ve gone through the requisite discussion of the hotel prices in London and the cost to have the dogs cared for, etc., we can look at the calendar and make a choice. Take the vacation, or finish the kitchen?

See how that can make it a win-win? You get to go on the trip AND get out of the big project at the same time.

It pays to think ahead.