5 Pool Remodeling Ideas You Should Consider

pool remodeling ideas

When the weather gets hot, it’s hard to beat the enjoyment and relaxation to be had in and around a great swimming pool! A pool is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends, soak up some sunshine, cool off in the water and even get in a little bit of exercise!

If you have a pool, maybe you’re wondering if there’s something you can do to make it even better. Do people remodel swimming pools? You bet they do! I’ve been involved in dozens of swimming pool remodels and can attest first hand to the amazing difference it can make in your backyard. Real “Extreme Pool Makeover” transformations happen every day! Here are six pool remodeling ideas that might make a splash at your house!

1. Resurface The Pool

So you might look at your pool area and think, “I really ought to focus on things above the waterline first. That’s the stuff you can see!” You wouldn’t be alone in that kind of thinking. Lots of people see the underwater surface of the pool as more of a maintenance issue, like getting new tires for your car. But that’s not entirely true. In fact, your underwater surface is probably the single most visual aspect of your entire pool area!

Whether it’s marcite, PebbleTec or whatever other of the myriad surfacing materials available, the surface of your pool’s interior can completely transform the look of your backyard. The color and sparkle of the water is entirely connected to the surface on the inside of your pool. If you’ve ever seen a black-bottomed pool, you’ll know exactly what I mean! Do you want your pool to look kind of green, more blue or like a lagoon? The bottom is the way you do that.

2. Redo The Pool Deck

Coming in just behind the interior of the pool surface, is the deck that surrounds your pool. This is probably the most common outcome of the statement "we need to do something about that pool area!” The deck surface is the go-to scapegoat for many a run-down backyard for good reason. In the kinds of climates where pools are popular, decks tend to get more than a little bit of sunshine. And sunshine can do a number on a finished surface.

River Rock can be changed out for pavers. Pavers can be replaced with a new color or style. An island look can be attained by building a wood deck, whether it’s out of real wood or some alternative product that proclaims more weather resistance or less heat retention or more environmental friendliness! The options are endless! In any case, replacement or rejuvenation of the pool deck is sure to transform your backyard!

3. Replace the Coping and Tile

Sometimes the entire deck needn’t be replaced. It’s not uncommon to see only the coping redone. The “coping” is the edge of the surface around the pool. Imagine swimming up to the edge of the pool and reaching out to grab that giant frozen drink with the slice of orange and the pretty little umbrella. The one your butler made for you. Well, that drink is either going to be on or just beyond the “coping.” Often finished with the same material as the pool deck, coping frequently sports a “bullnose” type edge.

A good number of pool remodels will include refinishing of pool's interior, then replacement of the coping and the row of decorative tile that runs along the waterline. This can give the whole pool a brand new look without getting into the major deconstruction that a full deck replacement involves.

4. Add a Swimout or Sun Shelf

To really see the latest and greatest in swimming pool design, visit a nice resort, hotel or fancy beach club. Chances are you’ll be able to take advantage of the most popular new feature in pools, the sun shelf. A sun shelf is this large area along one edge of the pool where there’s maybe 8 inches of water depth above a flat finished surface. This is a great place to let small kids play and a wonderful place to lay out and get some rays without having to hop in and out of the pool. That’s just far too much effort!

A precursor to the Sun Shelf, a swimout, roughly bench depth, provides a great place to sit along the edge of the pool. It's also an easy place to climb out if the ladder or steps are further from the deck chair with your name written all over it.

While you might think that your pool had to be constructed from scratch with these features, that’s not true! You can add them on after the fact! It’s not a small job by any means. We’re talking jackhammers and concrete trucks and the works, but it is doable and it’s far less costly than an entirely new swimming pool!

5. Add a Water Feature

Ok, so I know that the “lagoon pool” is kind of out of style at the moment, but I personally still love a swimming pool that looks like a natural oasis, a natural pool, fed by a waterfall and surrounded by rocks, flowers and places to jump in! Paradise found!

In other words, I love pools with waterfalls!

If we’re kindred spirits, I want you to know right now: You can transform your backyard into that kind of oasis through the magical art of a swimming pool remodel! Add a waterfall, cut some boulders into the edge and make a pond that goes right up near the edge of the pool so you can float in your pool, while looking down on the Koi in their pond.

Viva la water feature.

6. Bonus Idea: Remove Dated Features

Just so nobody thinks I don’t have a sense of irony, I’ll follow that last suggestion with this one. You can remove anything that makes your pool look dated, things like an old-fashioned “cool deck” or a raised concrete coping that is reminiscent of a public pool from the early '80s. But it could include anything that you feel doesn't express your style and doesn’t fit with the rest of your house.

The bottom line is that pool remodeling is totally doable, very fun and can pay off with an outdoor space you’ll love so much you can’t imagine why you’d ever pay good money for that favorite resort anymore!