Located in the San Francisco Bay area of California, Fremont is an affluent town great for families and professionals. Housing here will set you back a pretty penny: The median sales price of homes in Fremont is $930,000 and median rent is $3,300 a month. With a high cost of living, it makes sense that Fremont is an older city with a median age of 40. (The median age in most cities is early 30s.) Residents are a successful lot too; 59 percent of the population is college-educated and the median household income is $98,452.

Some top neighborhoods to check out include Ardenwood, Warm Springs, Northgate and Mission Hills. In Ardenwood, check out Ardenwood Historic Farm and go back in time to the 1850s. The beautiful Victorian mansion and gardens still function as a farm today and utilize agricultural practices from the 1870s to the present. Docents dress in Victorian clothing.

One of Fremont’s biggest attractions is Mission Peak Regional Preserve. This intense hike brings you up to the summit of Mission Peak, where, at about a 2,000-foot elevation, residents claim you will feel like you’re on top of the world. From here you’ll see the Santa Cruz Mountains, Mount Tam and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Californians are into their fitness, so aside from climbing Mission Peak, there are plenty of other trails for running, walking and biking.

But if you’re looking to indulge a little, Fremont has places for that too. At night, head to Saddle Rock, billed as the West Coast's largest country night club. The three-story nightclub has a mechanical bull, line dancing and a barber chair where they serve you shots. When you get hungry, head to Little Kabul. Fremont is home to the largest population of Afghan Americans in the United States — in fact, the acclaimed novel “The Kite Runner” partially takes place in Fremont. Here you’ll find authentic Afghan food, like fresh, homemade naan (the country’s traditional bread) and get a peek into Afghan culture.