This Atlanta suburb is about 30 minutes outside the major city, and gives you more bang for your buck. The median home price in Lawrenceville is $200,000, compared to $300,000 in Atlanta; median rent is $1,400 a month. Like most suburbs, Lawrenceville is a family oriented city with about 80 percent of residents being married homeowners, and there are more than 20 public schools.

You’re definitely going to want to own a car in Lawrenceville; 98 percent of residents get around by driving. But the city is working on a walkable area. Construction has begun on a 2.2-mile linear park that will connect Georgia Gwinnett College with the Downtown District. (Fun fact: Georgia Gwinnett College is the nation's first four-year public college created in the 21st century.) It will include a two-lane road, multi-use trails, bike paths, roundabouts and landscaping.

Established in 1821, Lawrenceville is rooted in agricultural history. You can go back in time at Gwinnett Historic Courthouse in the downtown square and McDaniel Farm Park, a 1930s-era cotton farm. Downtown is the place to be in Lawrenceville. It’s the historic district and the home to the city’s main attractions, like the Aurora Theatre and the city’s food scene, where you can enjoy a taste of Southern cuisine. Kids will love that there’s a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament right in town.