If you’ve been shopping around for homes in America’s biggest metro areas, you’ve probably come across some shockingly high home and rent prices. But with a median sales price of $147,000 and a median rent of $995 a month, Oklahoma City offers some relief. Residents here live on a median income of $37,858. And you won’t have to forego fun for the smaller price tag.

In true Southern/Midwestern tradition (Oklahoma is a bit of both), Oklahoma City is a friendly place where strangers smile at you on the street and good Samaritans are around every corner. What makes OKC a bit different from the rest of the state is that it’s evolving into a trendy city full of artists and “hipsters.” The neighborhood of Bricktown, a downtown hotspot filled with clubs, upscale restaurants, bars and cocktail lounges, is the place to be for young professionals. There’s also a canal that runs through Bricktown, so you can get around via water taxi. Plaza District, Deep Deuce and Automobile Alley are also good spots for young families and singles alike. If you’re looking for something a bit more suburban and family-oriented, you can get a nice house with a yard in Crown Heights – Edgemere Heights.

Paseo Arts District is the place to go for shopping and art gallery hopping. The Paseo is home to over 20 galleries all within walking distance of each other. It’s also a beautiful little piece of the city in which to just stroll and admire the Spanish revival architecture. In September, the Oklahoma State Fair takes over the city and you can really get glimpse into Oklahoma culture; there’s live music, a rodeo, a horse show, fair food and more. And speaking of food, OKC has a surprisingly diverse food scene that offers everything from Mexican to Asian, Ethiopian, Indian and Colombian. In 2017, Food & Wine even published a piece titled “We Can't Believe How Cool Oklahoma City is Being Right Now.”

One thing to keep in mind when shopping around for a home is a tornado shelter as OKC is prone to twisters–in fact the 1996 movie “Twister” was filmed almost entirely in Oklahoma.