“There’s gold in them thar hills!” Indeed, that may have been a commonly used phrase in the mid 1800s by residents of Stockton, California. This historic city in Northern California was first known as a bustling river port that serviced the gold mining settlements scattered throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

A centrally located city, Stockton is conveniently situated 82 miles east of the Bay Area, 49 miles south of Sacramento and 25 miles west of the Sierra Nevada foothills. The Delta waterway runs through the city, connecting Stockton with the city of San Francisco. Stockton and Sacramento are the state’s only two deep-water inland seaports.

Stockton is California's 13th largest city, with a population of 307,062. The 2008 financial crisis hit Stockton hard, but the city has been working diligently to turn things around. In recent years, the city has focused on revitalization. Many buildings throughout the city have been renovated and a downtown marina has been constructed. The economy of Stockton is specialized in agriculture, manufacturing, distribution, public administration, education and healthcare.

If you love international culture, you do not have to look far, as the city’s architecture, festivities and cuisine have been strongly influenced by its diverse population. The city offers many Mexican shops and restaurants, and Stockton’s Chinatown is located just a few blocks from downtown. Outside of the city limits you will find miles of open farmland, and fans of farm-to-table eating will not be disappointed.

Stockton is home to the University of the Pacific, one of the top 100 universities in the nation, and the oldest university in California. The arts and entertainment industries are growing in Stockton, with nightly entertainment offered at the Bob Hope Theater in the heart of the downtown. Higgin Museum features artwork by 19th and 20th century artists, and the StockMarket is a marketplace that features curated artisans, food festivals and concerts in the park.

Stockton is also known as a family friendly area, with over 60 parks and several golf courses in the city. The median home value is $275,100. Neighborhoods in the Stockton real estate market include Valley Oak, a popular family friendly area with a relaxed vibe. The Seaport and Park neighborhoods cater to a younger demographic, while homes for sale in Stockton’s Brookside and Morada neighborhoods tend to be of a grander scale.

A city with a rich history and a forward-thinking perspective, Stockton may just be the perfect place for you to call home.