When you think of cities in Florida, your thoughts might turn to the famous tourist locations like Orlando and Miami. But there is another gem of a city located in Florida’s Panhandle, just 25 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Here you will find Tallahassee, best known as the Sunshine State’s capital city. The city is home to many government centers, including the Florida State Capital, the Supreme Court of Florida and the Governor’s mansion.

Unlike many other Florida cities, Tallahassee is a four-season city that features rolling hills dotted with graceful moss-covered oak trees. Autumn is displayed with stunning hues of reds and golds; while vibrant, colorful flowers abound in the spring.

Voted the nation’s 18th best college town by Best College Reviews, Tallahassee is home to Florida State University (FSU) and its beloved Seminoles NCAA Division I football team. Also located here is Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Tallahassee Community College (TCC). This college town has a student population that exceeds 70,000.

Known for its Southern hospitality, residents and tourists can also be charmed by its many festivals, entertainment venues, theatres, museums and parks. Tallahassee has a "laid-back vibe" and an amiable atmosphere, where you will always get a friendly hello or a wave. But just be warned: Football is taken very seriously in this Southern city, with all of the excitement and tradition that goes along with that.

The total population of Tallahassee is 191,000, making it the 7th largest city in the state. The primary employment sectors in the city are government, education, healthcare and retail.

Besides being a student-friendly city, Tallahassee is also considered a family friendly place to live. The median price of a home is $170,300, and because of the four-season climate, many of the homes for sale in Tallahassee offer authentic fireplaces. Full-sized laundry rooms are commonly found in Tallahassee homes, and on occasion you will find homes that feature swimming pools with screened enclosures.

There are many attractive neighborhoods in the Tallahassee real estate market. Central neighborhoods include Los Robles and Betton Hills. On the northeast side, the Killearn neighborhood features many different styles of homes at a variety of price points, from moderate to high end. Young professionals favor Indianhead Acres and Midtown, which is located closer into town near Lake Ella, with shopping, restaurants and great city parks nearby.

If you are looking for a mid-sized city with plenty of history, diversity and amenities, Tallahassee will not disappoint.