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Belmont, Roanoke

The neighborhood of Belmont is situated within the city of Roanoke, Virginia.

Belmont is reasonably quiet, as the streets are quite calm - however noise can be problematic near the railway line, US Highway 220 or Interstate 581.

A majority of the houses available in the housing market in Belmont were built before the 1960s, when a large proportion of the housing growth happened. The large percentage of single detached homes in the housing stock of this area is an important part of its character. Renters occupy around two thirds of the units in Belmont while owners occupy the remainder. This neighborhood has a selection of housing sizes, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms.

Residents will value that wherever their property is situated in this part of the city, both primary and secondary schools are nearby. With regards to food, the nearest grocery store in Belmont is usually only a very short walk away. In addition, those who like to eat in restaurants will have a good number of options.

This part of Roanoke will appeal to active house buyers since it is quite conducive to walking; most daily needs are easy to meet on foot. Belmont is very car friendly. It is straightforward to park, and the majority of real estate listings are a very short drive from the closest highway, such as Interstate 581. In contrast, residents using public transit may have few options in this part of the city due to the service's low frequency. Thankfully, the neighborhood is served by a few bus lines, and it is especially convenient to find a nearby bus stop from most houses.

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