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Biddle Street, Baltimore

The neighborhood of Biddle Street is part of the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Biddle Street offers a variety of experiences for home buyers who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and spending time in green spaces. There are many lively parts in this neighborhood for those looking for a dynamic vibe. Despite the fact that there is a limited selection of entertainment venues, the streets are very often busy with people, and with the nightlife venues in nearby neighborhoods, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink since they are generally located around the corner. There are a few green spaces close by for residents to check out, like Frank C Bocek Park, and they are especially well-spread out, which makes it easy to access them.

The housing stock of Biddle Street is composed predominantly of single detached homes and townhouses. This neighborhood is particularly good for those looking for three bedroom homes. The proportions of renters and home owners are about even. Most housing in this area was constructed pre-1960, during its largest housing boom.

Residents will appreciate that wherever their property is situated in Biddle Street, both primary and secondary schools are nearby. Regarding eating, it is especially convenient to access both a general and a specialty grocery store by walking from most properties for sale in this part of Baltimore. Moreover, a restaurant is typically just around the corner, for example along Biddle Street. A reasonable choice of clothing stores is also situated within a rather short walking distance.

Biddle Street is a very good part of Baltimore with regards to traveling without driving. Commuting by public transit is convenient in this part of the city. In particular, home owners are served by a few bus lines, and it is very easy to get to a nearby bus stop from most houses. Biddle Street is also especially convenient for traveling on foot; most daily errands can be run without the use of a car, and plenty of businesses are quite nearby. Cycling is easy in this part of the city since the bicycling infrastructure is very well-developed.

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