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Boise, ID

Idaho has long been beloved for its trademark potatoes, but word is getting out about the state’s many other offerings now that so many people are looking to relocate there from more expensive cities. Boise, the state’s tree-lined capital and largest city, is a particularly popular spot for relocators, thanks to its good schools and low crime and unemployment rates. Although Boise’s clearly known for its agricultural prowess, a number of other industries have blessed the area with diverse job opportunities, such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. Located in the southwestern portion of the state along the banks of the Boise River, Boise is known for its four distinct seasons, which facilitate all types of outdoor sports. Boise homes for sale are currently listed at a median price of $295,000. Homes for sale in Boise can be found in neighborhoods to suit all price ranges, like the classic, historic North End, up-and-coming Harris Ranch and scenic Northwest Boise.

For many, Boise is the perfect balance of urban-meets-country. Downtown proper is a thriving metropolis of businesses, high-rises, shopping, fine dining and night life, but outdoor activities galore are literally just around the corner. We’re not just talking about parks and greenspaces, either, although there are plenty of those to go around (104 parks and 4,300 acres of green space). Boise’s Greenbelt offers 25 miles worth of riverfront territory perfect for jogging, walking, cycling and skating. Located just outside the foothills of the Boise National Forest, visitors and residents alike often enjoy the perks of mountain-adjacent living, like skiing, snowmobiling and fishing, to name a few. Boise is particularly a cyclists’ paradise, with more than 140 miles worth of terrain in the beloved Foothills Trails. The city is also known for its fantastic farmer’s markets, which are regularly stocked with the best in locally grown fresh produce and other homemade goods.

Although Boise residents tend to embrace the great outdoors, there are plenty of other activities to keep them busy. The city has a thriving arts and culture scene, with 17 museums and/or educational attractions to choose from, like Boise Art Museum, Idaho Botanical Garden and Idaho Museum of Military History. Boise is also very conservation-minded, and is the proud home of the educational World Center for Birds of Prey, as well as the expansive wildlife refuge, The Birds of Prey Natural Area.

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