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Bridgeport, CT

Bridgeport, Connecticut, is a historic seaport city located in Fairfield County. With a population of 147,000, Bridgeport is the largest city in the state and the fifth largest city in New England.

Once a shipbuilding and whaling center, Bridgeport eventually became a major industrial area, but during deindustrialization in the United States, the economy in Bridgeport suffered. In the 21st century many steps have been taken to revitalize the economy in Bridgeport. Today, the city is one of the largest financial centers in New England. Located near Bridgeport are a dozen Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric, Pitney Bowes Inc. and Xerox Corporation.

Bridgeport is a college town and home to several colleges, including the University of Bridgeport, Housatonic Community College and St Vincent’s College.

Renowned circus showman P.T. Barnum was a prominent resident of the city of Bridgeport. Barnum also became the elected mayor of Bridgeport in 1875, serving a one-year term. Abraham Lincoln, while campaigning for president in 1860, made an impassioned speech against slavery during a stop in Bridgeport.

Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers will enjoy all the options that Bridgeport offers. Bridgeport is known as Park City because it has over 1,300 acres of public park space. There are many well-known parks, including Pleasure Beach and Seaside Park, and almost every neighborhood in the city has its own individual park. Golfers will enjoy the top-notch golf courses located in and around Bridgeport.

Besides all the fun outdoor activities in Bridgeport, there are plenty of other things to see and do. The Downtown Cabaret Theatre offers a variety of entertaining theatrical shows and the Greater Bridgeport Symphony, New England Ballet Company and Bridgeport Youth Orchestras have a great line-up of performances.

Harborview Market is a popular spot to meet up for breakfast or lunch, and there is a large selection of restaurants in Bridgeport, including Mexican, Chinese, Italian and Spanish cuisine. And if you want to head to the Big Apple, it is just a 90-minute drive from Bridgeport to New York City.

There are plenty of shopping options in Bridgeport, with a stunning historic renovated mall that houses numerous small stores and businesses. Many unique shops and boutiques are sprinkled throughout the city as well.

The median home value in Bridgeport is $170,300, with several popular neighborhoods, such as the Brooklawn and BlackRock.

After visiting this historic seaside city, you may find that Bridgeport, Connecticut, is the perfect fit for you.

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