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Brownsville, TX

Brownsville is the southern-most city in Texas, right on the Mexican border and the banks of the Rio Grande. So Mexican culture seeps into everyday life in this town. If you live here, you’ll be eating Tex-Mex, speaking Spanish (or at least “Spanglish”) and soaking in the best of the two cultures. If you’re moving to Brownsville from another part of the country, get ready for a bit of extreme heat and weather. Being on the Gulf of Mexico, Brownsville is susceptible to hurricanes.

Living in Brownsville is affordable. The average home listing price is $153,281 and median rent is $1,200 a month. The median household income in Brownsville is only $28,398, and in fact, the city has a very high poverty rate. But, it’s on the up-and-up, as the manufacturing sector grows. The city’s economy also rests on trade with Mexico through NAFTA. It’s a pretty sprawling city, so no matter what industry you’re in, you will want a car to get to and from work (and play).

And speaking of “play,” the people of Brownsville like to party. The colorful and lively Charro Days Fiesta is held each year on both sides of the border and is a multi-day celebration of Latin heritage. It’s been going on since 1938. The Gulf Shrimp Fiesta celebrates the shrimp industry in Brownsville. Another thing Brownsville is passionate about: The Texas Longhorns.

Other fun things to do: Go shopping downtown for authentic Mexican zarapes (those beautiful, colorful striped blankets and ponchos you’ve probably seen), handcrafted leather goods and silver. When you’re hungry, get authentic Tex-Mex at Antonio's Mexican Village. Animal lovers will like spending time at the Gladys Porter Zoo, art aficionados can spend time at The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art and history buffs can explore the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park where The Battle of Palo Alto, the first major battle of the Mexican–American War, was fought in 1846.

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