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Brushy Creek, Round Rock

Situated in the Austin metropolitan area, Brushy Creek is a neighborhood in Round Rock, Texas.

The character of Brushy Creek is exemplified by its calm environment. The greenery in this part of Round Rock is quite prominent as the tree canopy coverage for most streets is good. However parks aren't well-distributed, resulting in them being rather difficult to get to from most locations within Brushy Creek. Despite that, residents will be able to access parks in nearby neighborhoods. This area is also very good for those who prefer a quiet atmosphere, as there tend to be low levels of noise from traffic.

The main housing types in Brushy Creek are single detached homes and townhouses. This part of Round Rock is especially good for those looking for three bedroom homes. Roughly 80% of the population of this neighborhood own their home and 20% are renters. The buildings in this neighborhood are relatively new, because around 30% of its dwellings were built since the year 2000, while the majority of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s and the 1980s.

The nearest supermarket in Brushy Creek is typically only a reasonably short walk away. As far as education is concerned, locals will appreciate that no matter where their property is located in this neighborhood, primary schools are nearby. On the other hand, there are no high schools in Brushy Creek.

Moving around by car is straightforward in Brushy Creek. It is very easy to find a parking spot. A majority of the homes for sale in this neighborhood are located in areas that are not very convenient for traveling on foot as common amenities such as laundromats or liquor stores can be a rather long walk away. Brushy Creek is also not particularly appropriate for cycling as cyclists are faced with a significant amount of slopes, and there are a limited number of bike lanes.

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