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Carrol-South Hilton, Baltimore

The neighborhood of Carrol-South Hilton is located within the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Carrol-South Hilton offers a wide selection of green spaces to enjoy, as well as some areas with a vibrant ambience. There are a few green spaces nearby for residents to explore, including Gwynns Falls Park, making it very easy to access them. Lastly, this part of the city remains relatively quiet, due to the presence of few people out and about on the streets, although there can be more noise for those who are near one of the railway lines.

Carrol-South Hilton experienced its largest housing boom before the 1960s, so most of the available properties are from this era. The substantial percentage of townhouses in the housing stock of this area is an important part of its character. The population residing in this neighborhood is evenly split between owners and renters. This part of the city is primarily composed of two bedroom and three bedroom homes.

In this part of Baltimore, residents will typically be able to reach both primary and secondary schools by walking. With respect to eating, the nearest supermarket in Carrol-South Hilton is generally only a very short walk away. Furthermore, a restaurant is usually just around the corner.

Carrol-South Hilton will appeal to home buyers that value different modes of transportation. The public transit system in this part of Baltimore is convenient thanks to a few nearby bus lines. This part of Baltimore will also attract physically active people because it is very well-suited for traveling on foot; running day-to-day errands is easy by walking, and plenty of businesses are nearby. Commuting by bicycle is convenient in Carrol-South Hilton because the cycling network is very well-developed.

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