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Cloverleaf, Louisville

Cloverleaf is a neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky.

Home buyers who prefer a relaxed environment will enjoy Cloverleaf. The noise levels in this area are quite low, as the streets tend to be tranquil - although there are still several noisier sections, especially near Henry Watterson Expressway or the railway line. Finally, although this part of Louisville is not home to any parks, parks are especially well-spread out in nearby neighborhoods, which results in them being easy to access from the majority of locations in the neighborhood.

The housing stock of Cloverleaf is composed predominantly of single detached homes and row houses. This neighborhood experienced its most significant housing boom between 1960 and 1980, so most of the available homes are from this era. This part of Louisville has quite a good selection of unit sizes, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. Roughly 70% of the population of this neighborhood own their home and 30% are renters.

It is easy to reach the closest supermarket on foot from any location in this part of the city. There are also a few opportunities for those who value restaurants in close proximity. In terms of education, it is a rather short walk to reach primary schools from anywhere in this part of the city. On the other hand, Cloverleaf does not contain any high schools.

A car is an excellent transportation option in Cloverleaf. It is very easy to park, and the majority of real estate listings are a reasonably short drive from the nearest highway, such as Henry Watterson Expressway. On the other hand, the public transit network in this part of the city is not very practical. Nevertheless, there are a few bus lines, and most properties are very close to a bus stop. Traveling on foot is not very practical for residents in Cloverleaf since many daily needs are occasionally challenging to carry out by walking.

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