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Corpus Christi, TX

Selena! Texans love their Selena, and Corpus Christi was her home town. If you don’t know about her, you better learn before you move to this town. Selena Quintanilla was a popular Mexican-American singer in the '90s who was tragically gunned down at the age of 23. Jennifer Lopez played the singer in the 1997 biopic titled “Selena.” But here in Corpus Christi, her legacy goes far beyond that. The city holds Fiesta de La Flor, a two-day festival that celebrates the singer and there’s a Selena Museum and a bronze statue of the singer at Corpus Christi Bay.

As you may have guessed, Corpus Christi has a rich Mexican heritage, so there’s no shortage of Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants. It’s a coastal community on the gulf of Mexico, so there’s plenty of boating, swimming and general seaside merriment. The seawall is where residents and visitors go to enjoy the views while biking, running or strolling. There are also a number of restaurants and hotels along the seawall. If you really want to feel beachy, head to Padre Island, where you’ll find beautiful white-sand beaches and turquoise water.

Living in Corpus Christi will cost you about $1,500 a month in rent and $200,000 to buy a home (that’s the median price of homes in the city). If you want to be close to the action, Downtown is a good spot for young professionals. It’s near the water and there are a number of restaurants, bars and clubs and a farmer’s market. For those who want to be right on the water, Bay Area is the place to be. South Side and Calallen are nice suburban neighborhoods for families.

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