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Detroit, MI

We can thank the Motor City for a lot of good things, including Ford, cars in general and Motown. But Detroit has developed a rough reputation, and the city is working hard to change that.

The neighborhoods of Woodbridge, Highland Park, West Village, Islandview, West Village and Indian Village are all places to consider buying or renting. These areas of Detroit have low crime rates and beautiful, historical homes. West Village, for example, is a walkable neighborhood full of eclectic architecture and funky little shops and eateries. Nearby Indian Village is great for families; this historic district is one of Detroit’s more affluent communities. Residents host home and garden tours and community events — they have great pride in their neighborhood. Some other neighborhoods on the up-and-up include East Riverfront and Islandview.

Detroit is a very affordable city in general; the median home price is $49,580 and median rent is $775; but keep in mind this takes the whole city into account. Homes in Indian Village, for example, have an average listing price of $319,500 and the median rent per month is $2,500. Fifty seven percent of Detroit residents are homeowners and the median age is 37; most of the city’s residents (61 percent) are married.

Aside from finding a neighborhood to live in, there is plenty to do in Detroit. If you like cars, you’re in heaven. With a rich history in the automotive industry, Detroit is home to the Ford Rouge Factory, Henry Ford Museum, GMC Rennaissance Center and Automotive Hall of Fame, to name a few attractions. Detroit’s other claim to fame, Motown, comes alive at the Motown Museum, aka Hitsville USA, where you can visit Studio A. (That’s where the Supremes and the Temptations recorded their first hits.)

When the weather is warm, head to Belle Isle, an island park situated in the Detroit River; here you’ll find a museum, a conservatory, an aquarium and a stretch of beach. From here, you can also wave “hello” to your friendly neighbors in Ontario, Canada. And speaking of the Great White North, Detroit is the only U.S. city from which you have to drive south to get to Canada. How’s that for a fun fact?

If you like having your toes in the sand, check out the urban beach Campus Maritus, a man-made beach right in downtown Detroit. The park hosts weekly parties that feature entertainment and food; you can picnic in the sand or enjoy a cocktail at the “beachside” restaurant.

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