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Elm Park, New York

The neighborhood of Elm Park is part of the city of New York, New York.

There are a lot of green spaces to enjoy in Elm Park, as well as some areas with a vibrant ambience. More specifically, there are a few green spaces nearby for residents to explore, making it easy to reach them from most locations within the neighborhood. Moreover, residents will find that there are numerous tree-lined streets. This neighborhood has many areas that are very calm and quiet, although other spots can be noisy, especially.

Roughly 30% of buildings are duplexes, making it easy to find duplexes in Elm Park, and the remaining houses are mainly large apartment buildings, small apartment buildings, and single detached homes. This area has a selection of unit sizes, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. The proportions of home owners and renters are about even. Most homes in this neighborhood were constructed before the 1960s, during its main housing boom.

It is a very short walk to get to both primary and secondary schools from anywhere in Elm Park. Locals are served by public and private elementary schools. As far as food is concerned, the nearest grocery store in Elm Park is generally only a very short walk away. Additionally, those who like to dine in restaurants will have a fair number of choices. A decent selection of clothing stores can also be found within a rather short walking distance.

No matter the mode of transportation, it is convenient to travel in this part of New York. The public transit system in Elm Park is good owing to a few nearby bus lines. This area is also a fairly pleasant part of New York for pedestrians; many daily needs are convenient to meet by walking. Elm Park is not especially bicycling-friendly since the terrain is not especially flat. Nevertheless, Elm Park features a fairly good cycling infrastructure.

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