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Evansville, IN

This Midwestern town is a quaint and affordable place to call home. It’s located in an area called Kentuckiana, where Indiana and Kentucky meet — Evansville is right across the Ohio River from Kentucky. It’s also part of the tri-state area of Southwest Indiana, Southeast Illinois and Northwest Kentucky. Being so close to the South, Evansville residents have a dialect that blends Midwestern with Southernisms like “y'all” and phrases like “cain’t never could.” But Evansville people are Hoosiers through and through.

Living in Evansville is very affordable, with an average home listing price of $147,771 and a median monthly rent of only $750; most residents are homeowners. Cost of living is low, but so is the median household income, which comes in at $39,924. Evansville is the economic hub of the tri-state area, with healthcare, finance, education and manufacturing being the main industries.

Sitting right on the river, Downtown Evansville is where you’ll find favorite spots like Angelo’s Italian Restaurant and Tropicana Casino Evansville, which used to be a riverboat casino but is now a permanent structure in the neighborhood. Uptown is Evansville’s up-and-coming area; Haynie’s Corner Arts District is, you guessed it, where the artists are. The University of Evansville campus is a beautiful green area that leads to Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, which has acres of trees, fields, ponds, trails and a birding area.

Evansville people are passionate about high school sports (The movie "Hoosiers" is pretty accurate, FYI), so be prepared to cheer on the local kids. There are also a couple minor league baseball and hockey teams. When it comes to partying, Evansville is all in. West Franklin Street is a mecca for annual festivals and celebrations like Mardis Gras, the Franklin Street Bazaar and the West Side Nut Club Festival, where you can feast on alligator stew, brain sandwiches and chocolate-covered grasshoppers. Shrinersfest is another huge event in town that features a military air show, and the Germania Männerchor Volksfest celebrates the city’s German heritage.

Some attractions to check out include the International World War Peace Tree, which is located about 20 minutes away in Darmstadt and commemorates Germany’s truce with the U.S. in 1918, Santa Claus, Indiana, an entire town dedicated to Santa and Christmas and Angel Mounds State Historic Site, a prehistoric site where a tribe of Native Americans known as the Mississippians once lived

Trivia fact: The 1992 movie, "A League of Their Own," was partially filmed in town.

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