Rent vs. Buy: Are You Ready to Own Your First Home?

You have a little savings, solid income and a super-irritating landlord, so the time feels right to make your move. Buying a home will bump up your monthly housing costs, use up most of your cash and tie you down. Are you ready for all that? Here’s how to make the rent vs. buy decision….

Investing in a House: A Smart Move?

What makes a house a good investment? First, you should enjoy your time living in it. And, just as important, make some serious stacks when you eventually sell it for more than your purchase price. The beauty of your winnings? The profit (depending on the amount and time lived in the home) is tax free….

Some Things About Credit Score We Bet You Didn’t Know

Since 1989, credit bureau risk scores, aka credit scores, have been commercially available and part of the U.S credit system. We gained access in the early 2000s when various websites first included scores as part of subscription or other fee-based services. Nowadays, credit scores are free, thanks to lenders and credit card lead generation websites….

Should Bad Credit Delay Home Buying?

It’s the million-dollar housing question: “Can I still get a mortgage and buy a home if I’ve got less-than-perfect credit?” The answer is yes. But before you get too hyped, know that you may face challenges. Assessing Your Credit Like most lending products offered in the United States, mortgages go through a process called underwriting….

Not Quite Ready to Buy. What Next?

Do you think any of these things when the topic of home buying comes up? I’ll just hang a bit longer to see how this job goes. It’s OK here, but I still may move away next year. I can’t buy a home until my student loans are gone. Unless you’re one of the lucky…