Classes, Conversations and Other Ways to Educate Yourself About Home Buying

Preparing to buy your first home? Research should be a top priority at this time. An educated buyer is a successful buyer and, fortunately, there are many resources that help home buyers learn about credit, budgeting, financing, selecting a home, homeowners insurance, closing, taxes and agency. Once you’ve reviewed’s first-time buyers guide, dig into…

Should Bad Credit Delay Home Buying?

It’s the million-dollar housing question: “Can I still get a mortgage and buy a home if I’ve got less-than-perfect credit?” The answer is yes. But before you get too hyped, know that you may face challenges. Assessing Your Credit Like most lending products offered in the United States, mortgages go through a process called underwriting….

Loans for First-Time Home Buyers: Your Best Bets

Is there a way to rate loans for first-time home buyers as good, better and off the charts? Probably not, as each person’s financial situation is unique. BUT there are a handful of loans that might be right for you right now. Let’s review them in two categories: low down payment and low monthly cost….