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Garden Grove, CA

Garden Grove, California, known as "The City of Youth and Ambition," is a community of 175,000 residents situated in Orange County. This friendly and culturally diverse city, 34 miles southeast of Los Angeles, has a huge Asian influence, with Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean residents all calling Garden Grove home.

Foodies take heed: The restaurant scene in Garden Grove is nothing short of extraordinary. Asian restaurants abound in Garden Grove, as well as Asian supermarkets that will inspire culinary creations at home. In Garden Grove you will find Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican and Mediterranean restaurants. There's also a weekly farmers' market in this bustling city.

Weekends are all about relaxing, and this can easily be done with a visit to one the city parks in Garden Grove. But if you are craving a change of scenery, the beaches, mountains and forests are just a short drive away.

The city hosts several popular annual events for residents to enjoy. Over 250,000 visitors flock to the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival, which is one of the largest community festivals in the western United States. Another popular event is the Lunar New Year Festival, held in Mile Square Regional Park.

Garden Grove is known to have the most churches per capita of any city in the state of California. The iconic Crystal Cathedral is constructed of reflective glass that shimmers in the sunlight, with sections of the building shaped by large, spiky shards of glass. The cathedral houses the Hazel Wright Memorial Organ, one of the largest musical instruments in the world.

If you are in the mood for a concert or show, you have a choice of two stage theaters, the Gem Theater and the Festival Amphitheater. Movie buffs can see the latest films at one of the two multi-screen movie theaters in Garden Grove. Or for a fun-filled day outdoors, head on over to Disneyland, which is just a few miles away. But if you are simply looking for a bit of retail therapy, the Outlets at Orange are practically around the corner.

The median home value in Garden Grove is $597,700. The most popular neighborhoods in Garden Grove are situated in the north and west areas of the city.

If you long for a friendly, diverse city near all the Southern California highlights but at a lower price point, then Garden Grove could be the perfect fit.

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