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Greenville, SC

Recently ranked as one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., Greenville is an excellent example of urban revitalization and renewal. What was once a declining city is now a touted example of dedicated, intelligent and resourceful urban planning. Since the 1960s, the city has put an enormous effort into making Greenville an attractive and vibrant community, and as evidenced by its placement on many "best-places-to-live" lists, it has been incredibly successful.

Downtown Greenville is known for being pedestrian friendly, with wide sidewalks, lush green spaces and plenty of amenities to keep residents busy. Restaurants and bars abound, many offering al fresco dining options. Some favorites include The Anchorage, an aesthetically pleasing space that features delicious, locally sourced food, and Golden, Brown and Delicious, a quirky joint that serves everything from shrimp and grits to avocado toast. If you're willing to drive a bit, take the afternoon and go to Grits and Groceries, infamously off the beaten path and beloved for its top-notch Southern fare.

Sunday strolling was never so pleasant as on The Swamp Rabbit Trail, a formerly abandoned railroad track that has been rehabilitated into a beautiful, family friendly green space perfect for walking, jogging and cycling. More outdoor fun can be found in Falls Park. Full of well-maintained trails and picnicking areas, Falls Park also features the architectural gem Liberty Bridge, which crosses Reedy River Falls. More seasoned hikers will be excited to know that Greenville is situated close to the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are easily accessible from the city. Museum lovers will enjoy Heritage Green, the downtown arts and cultural center of Greenville. Featuring museums and art galleries, it's the perfect place to enjoy the weekend.

Real estate in Greenville is hot, with home prices hovering around $388,000 in a well-stocked market. Many homes come with in-ground pools perfect for entertaining during the hot summer months. Favorite neighborhoods include the family oriented Roper Mountain Road area and the more urban Village of West Greenville, which is full of rehabbed warehouses with a modern vibe. Excellent school systems and friendly, courteous neighbors make buying a home in Greenville a smart choice for those looking to raise families in a rooted community.

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