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Hampton, VA

Hampton, Virginia, is part of a coastal Virginia area called Hampton Roads. Hampton Roads is made up of seven main cities, and together they form a seafaring community of people who love surfing at Virginia Beach, hanging out at the Great Dismal Swamp (which, despite its name, is a great spot for fishing, hiking and relaxing) and speak in a special Southern accent called Tidewater English.

The city of Hampton sits along the Hampton Roads Harbor and Chesapeake Bay. This waterfront city has a rich history: It was the nation’s first continuous English-speaking settlement and in 1718, the famous pirate Blackbeard hosted a festival on the city’s shore. Today, the Blackbeard Festival celebrates this quirky piece of history.

Hampton sits on a harbor, its waterfront speckled with boats and near postcard-perfect. Living on the water will cost you a bit more than living inland, but either way, Hampton is an affordable place for home buyers. The median sales price of homes is $176,950 and median rent per month is $1,250. It’s a family friendly city with about 70 percent of residents being married, and it has a big military community with Langley Air Force Base being located in town. In fact, the whole Hampton Roads area is a big military hub.

Downtown Hampton is an urban waterfront village full of seafood restaurants and eateries, like the Grey Goose Tearoom, where you can sample Old Virginia-style cooking. The Hampton's Coliseum area is where you’ll find your standard chain restaurants, and Phoebus is where you can grab a slice at a casual neighborhood joint.

Music lovers will want to check out the American Music Festival, a massive music event at Virginia Beach, and the annual Hampton Jazz Festival. If you geek out on history, head to the Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe National Monument, a part of Civil War history. In Hampton, you can spend your afternoons strolling the Downtown Hampton Public Piers, fishing in the Chesapeake Bay, watching cars zoom by at Langley Speedway or just enjoying a quiet life.

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