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Henderson, NV

There is a modern-day Boomtown in Nevada, and although your first thought may be of Las Vegas, we are talking about the city of Henderson. Located just 15 minutes from Las Vegas, this thriving city is undergoing major population and business growth.

Henderson is known as one of America’s safest cities and it ranks high on the various "Best Cities" listings. The population of Henderson is 292,969, making it the second largest city in the state.

Henderson is a young city, established during World War II around a magnesium plant that supplied materials used to manufacture airplane parts. Today, Henderson is a key player in communications technology, education services, medical/biomedical technology and tourism. Several major corporations have large offices in Henderson, including Levi-Straus, Ocean Spray and FedEx. Henderson’s central location, combined with Nevada’s favorable tax structure, is a huge incentive for businesses and residents in the area. Henderson is also home to several universities, including Nevada State College and The Roseman University of Health Sciences.

Outdoor enthusiasts have no shortage of things to do. This city is a golfer’s dream, with eight championship golf courses open year-round. Henderson is "bicycle friendly," with miles of bike trails in and around the city. The world’s largest Botanical Cactus Garden is located here, and animal lovers will enjoy the Bird Viewing Preserve and Lion Habitat Ranch.

For retail therapy, hit the mall or head over to the District at Green Valley Ranch, which offers an eclectic mix of larger brand stores and smaller boutique-style shops. Throughout the year, events such as concerts, farmer’s markets and outdoor movies are held at this venue. If you like the excitement of casino resorts, but don’t like the crowds of Las Vegas, Henderson is home to several popular casinos. Dining options are also numerous, with restaurants specializing in everything from American and Italian to Mexican and Asian cuisine.

The median home value for real estate in Henderson is $304,400, with many popular neighborhoods. The Green Valley Ranch neighborhood is a friendly area with numerous parks and recreation centers, as well as nearby shopping. Henderson’s Westgate and Lake Las Vegas neighborhoods are also desirable places to live in, with amenities attractive to many different age groups.

If a thriving Southwest community appeals to you, odds are you will love what you see in Henderson!

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