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Inglewood, CA

Time and again, the city of Inglewood proves that it is a master of change. Located just outside Los Angeles, the area has experienced a revitalization in recent decades that includes high-rise buildings packed with major corporations and all the prosperity that entails. In fact, it’s only increasing in popularity as a location to do business, thanks to its ideal positioning near L.A., the airport and key Southern California highways. All this progress, however, can’t (and shouldn’t) hide the historical significance of Inglewood, which is located in the Centinela Valley, complete with Machado adobe that dates back many decades. Currently, Inglewood homes for sale are listed at a median price of $549,900. Homes for sale in Inglewood — from ultra-modern executive townhomes to charming, historic properties — can be found in all types of neighborhoods.

Life in Inglewood offers all the perks of L.A., but with a healthy distance. Residents appreciate the fact that tourist attractions like Hollywood and Disneyland are accessible, but not squarely in their backyards. That said, the addition of the state-of-the-art Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park is an exciting development for Rams and Chargers fans alike! Historically speaking, the landmark Centinela Adobe is a step back in time, thanks to the painstakingly restored 1800s-era architecture and furniture. Inglewood is also known for another dubiously historic site: the Hollywood Park horse-racing track.

There’s also a number of excellent centers for higher education in the area, including the University of Southern California, Loyola Marymount and several California State University campuses. A smattering of well-tended playgrounds and parks pepper the city proper, offering outdoor recreation opportunities to people of all ages. The art and foodie scenes are alive and well, with public art pieces and eclectic dining options dotting the city. Of course, Inglewood’s status as an epicenter of modern rap makes it especially culturally relevant, even if it isn’t “always up to no good,” as Dr. Dre claims.

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