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Jackson, MS

Newcomers to Jackson, Mississippi, are often attracted by the area’s low cost of living, mild winters and broad range of professional opportunities. They stay, however, because they inevitably fall in love with a diverse city that simultaneously embraces its history while ushering in the future with enthusiasm. For example, although the city prides itself on its historic Governor’s Mansion, it is every bit as eager to modernize Jackson, as shown by a $1.5 billion renovation of the downtown district. Today’s Jackson is a hotbed for all types of careers, including public sector government jobs and positions in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, information technology and education. The latter is thanks to the many colleges and universities that call the area home. Jackson homes for sale are currently listed at a median price of $139,900. Homes for sale in Jackson can be found in neighborhoods like quaint, historic Belhaven, ultra-hip Fondren and the vibrant Midtown area.

Jackson continues to be unapologetically true to itself. A major battleground during the Civil War, the city was burned down three times (earning it the nickname “Chimneyville”), but managed to rebuild over and over again. This dogged perseverance helped Jackson become an invaluable cog in the American civil rights movement. Today, Jackson fosters an ongoing appreciation for African American culture, continually celebrating the area’s indelible influence on the worldwide blues, gospel and jazz music industries. The Farish Street Historical District is particularly beloved, so much so that the 125-acre neighborhood is included on the National Register of Historic Places. Jackson is a draw for artists and foodies, as world-class museums and Southern-tinged fine dining options line the streets.

Admittedly steamy in the summer, Jackson is nonetheless a fantastic settling spot for people who love the great outdoors. Certain areas of the city are very walkable, like the Dogwood Festival Market and the Fondren arts district. The city’s location on the Pearl River also lends itself nicely to sunbathing on the banks, running, biking and fishing. Nearby Ross Barnett Reservoir is especially popular with people who enjoy sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Jackson also hosts any number of festivals, such as Celtic Fest Mississippi, and is commonly referred to as one of the best cities in the South for high-quality farmers markets.

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