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Kansas City, KS

Kansas City, Kansas, is not to be confused with its neighbor to the east, Kansas City, Missouri. Although the so-called twin cities enjoy the perks of being next-door neighbors, they are distinctly their own entities. A little later to the development party than its Missouri counterpart, KCK, as Kansas City, Kansas, is affectionately known, has experienced a renaissance of sorts in the past couple of decades. It was previously seen as more of an industrial city, and although it continues to foster a thriving food processing industry, the area has begun to draw other employers, such as telecommunications, automobile manufacturing and publishing companies. This revitalization has yielded vast improvements in the downtown area, such as the renovation of historic buildings and addition of state-of-the-art sites. The effort has been so successful that downtown proper is now a popular place to rent or buy a home.

Kansas City, Kansas, homes for sale are currently listed at a median price of $124,700, making it one of the more affordable metropolitan areas in the U.S. Indeed, the cost of living in KCK is nearly 20 percent lower than the national average! Homes for sale in Kansas City can be found in a range of neighborhoods, including Rosedale, Wolcott and Victory Hills, among others.

KCK is a spot where people of all types come to live, work and play. The area has an impressive array of entertainment and foodie options, and is particularly known for two things: blues and barbecue. (But don’t forget to try a chicken-and-waffles sandwich — yum!) Locals also love to root on the area’s pro sports teams, including the Royals (baseball), Chiefs (football) and Sporting KC, the wildly popular professional soccer team. It’s no wonder that Sporting KC has such a devoted fan base — the city is known as the Soccer Capital of America, and is home to the Pinnacle National Development Center, an immense and impressive training site where elite soccer players of today and tomorrow work toward excellence. Don’t forget to take in a NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway!

KCK enjoys four distinct seasons, with cold, but not frigid, winters. The warmer months are peppered with plenty of outdoor activities for people of all ages, including farmer’s markets, 5K races, festivals and concerts. Be sure to stop by the Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival, in particular, where more than 50 groups provide booths, entertainment and mouth-watering cuisine to reflect their cultural roots. The city also features a range of historically significant sites and world-class museums. In fact, it recently welcomed the Korean-Vietnam War Memorial, the nation’s first dual-war memorial.

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