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Las Lomitas, Albuquerque

The neighborhood of Las Lomitas can be found in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The character of Las Lomitas is exemplified by its slower-paced environment. Although this neighborhood is not home to any public green spaces, parks are very well-distributed in nearby neighborhoods, making them easy to access. This part of Albuquerque is also reasonably quiet, as there isn't a lot of street noise or city clamor.

The predominant housing types in Las Lomitas are single detached homes and townhouses. A majority of the housing growth in this part of Albuquerque has occurred since the year 2000. This neighborhood is primarily composed of three bedroom and four or more bedroom homes. About 80% of the population of this neighborhood own their home and 20% are renters.

It is a reasonably short walk to access primary schools from most homes for sale in Las Lomitas. However, this part of Albuquerque does not contain any high schools. With regards to eating, property owners in Las Lomitas almost always have to use a vehicle to reach the closest grocery store. Nonetheless, pharmacies are typically convenient to reach on foot and furnish some basic food items.

This area is especially car friendly. It is a reasonably short drive to the nearest highway from anywhere in this neighborhood, and finding a place to park is generally easy. On the other hand, the public transit service in Las Lomitas is not very frequent. Thankfully, the neighborhood is served by a few bus lines, and most houses are close to a bus stop. It is challenging for people traveling on foot to move around in Las Lomitas because many daily needs are impractical to meet without the use of a car.

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