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LeClaire Courts, Chicago

LeClaire Courts is a neighborhood within Chicago, Illinois.

There is a vast selection of green spaces in LeClaire Courts. It is easy to access parks from the majority of locations within the neighborhood since there are a few of them nearby for residents to relax in. This part of Chicago remains relatively quiet, as there are few people out and about on the streets, although there can be more noise for those who are near Interstate 55 or one of the railway lines.

In LeClaire Courts, the vast majority of the dwellings are single detached homes, whereas the remainder are mainly townhouses. There is a higher proportion of three bedroom homes in this part of the city. Home owners occupy roughly 85% of the properties in LeClaire Courts whereas the remainder are rented. This neighborhood experienced its main housing boom pre-1960, so most of the available housing stock is from this time period.

Both primary and secondary schools are convenient to walk to from anywhere in LeClaire Courts. With regards to eating, in the majority of cases, a vehicle is needed shop for groceries. Nonetheless, pharmacies are typically easy to get to on foot and provide some staple foods. On the other hand, those who like to eat in restaurants will have a good number of choices.

The favored transportation option in this neighborhood is usually a car. It is a short car ride to the closest highway, such as Interstate 55, from any location in this part of Chicago, and coming across a parking spot is quite easy. However, this neighborhood is not especially transit friendly. Thankfully, there are a few bus lines, and bus stops are usually nearby. Traveling by foot in this areais not very popular, although running daily errands is convenient by walking.

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