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Lincoln, NE

In what seems to outsiders to have happened overnight, the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, has blossomed from a small, Midwestern city into an epicenter of opportunity, diversity, activity and culture. Home to the University of Nebraska and all the Cornhusker pride found therein, Lincoln is a jewel of the Midwest, known for its low cost of living, favorable quality of life and excellent public school system. Originally called Lancaster, the city was renamed in honor of the late, great President Lincoln when chosen as the state capital in 1867. It was a land of opportunity then, due in large part to its booming railroad network and agricultural prowess. It remains prosperous today thanks to growing industry in the areas of aviation services, technology, medical research and especially insurance.

Originally inhabited by Pawnee and Oto Indians, Lincoln is now known for its welcoming Midwestern attitudes. In fact, many refugees have found their way inside its friendly borders, with entire communities of Iraqis, Sudanese and Vietnamese building better lives in Lincoln. Lincoln homes for sale are currently listed at a median price of $249,900. Homes for sale in Lincoln can be found in a range of neighborhoods, like Family Acres, Porter Ridge, Highlands and Colonial Hills, among others.

Lincoln is filled with outdoorsy types, and the city has obliged their interests by providing plenty to keep them busy. The city features an intricate network of bike trails, enhancing its reputation as a cycle-friendly community. It also features more parkland than just about anywhere else in the country. Spring Creek Prairie alone maintains over 500 acres of unplowed tallgrass prairie, and Pioneers Park boasts a gorgeous nature center filled with walkable trails. The city also plays host to dozens of festivals each year, as well as the Nebraska State Fair every August.

Lincoln isn’t all about the great outdoors, however. The city offers a wide range of cultural venues, including the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra and the Lincoln Community Playhouse. Jazz in June, an outdoor jazz concert series put on by the Sheldon Museum of Art, takes place on Tuesdays in June each year. The Meadowlark Music Festival is another popular annual event for classical music aficionados.

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