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Long Beach, CA

Long Beach is the ideal spot for people who seek access to Los Angeles minus the hustle-bustle. The quintessential laid-back SoCal town, Long Beach boasts a 10-mile stretch of beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches. Currently, Long Beach homes for sale are listed at a median price of $545,000. Long Beach real estate seekers should check out the wide range of neighborhoods, including low-crime Bixby Knolls or Naples, known affectionately as “Venice in America.”

Long Beach is an area perfect for water sports, although surfing isn’t currently one of them. Wave-shredders are hopeful though that the results of an ongoing study will back their desire to remove the circa-1940s Long Beach breakwater, which turned big waves into placid waters. In the meantime, paddleboard, swim, boat and sunbathe to your heart’s content in an area with seldom-paralleled beauty. Speaking of boats, be sure to check out the permanently docked Queen Mary, open for tours and overnight stays. But be careful: It might be haunted.

One bit of silly fun is the annual Bulldog Beauty Contest, where everyone’s favorite wrinkly-faced buddies are dressed up like people and judged for it. Bulldogs aren’t your bag? Other breeds and categories are offered. The Toyota Grand Prix is another major Long Beach event, frequented by all types who enjoy racing, music and family-friendly activities.

There’s quite a cultural scene in Long Beach, thanks to the city’s proximity to Hollywood. Long Beach Playhouse in particular puts on a huge genre range of first-rate shows sure to entertain. Then head over to the Museum of Latin American Arts and enjoy the world-class exhibits that celebrate both contemporary and classic Latin American art. Afterward, grab a bite to eat at one of the area’s many celebrated dining establishments. Foodies of the world are seldom happier than when trolling coastal Long Beach for the latest and greatest in all types of cuisine.

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