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Louisville, KY

Located on the Ohio River, along the Indiana border, Louisville — Kentucky’s largest city — is steeped in history. The city is probably best known for the exciting Kentucky Derby, which is held at legendary Churchill Downs and draws 150,000 people each May. The parties and festivities, including the largest fireworks display in the nation, begin two weeks before the derby.

In recent years, Louisville has become a leader in distribution, health care, medical science industries and tourism. Some of the major employers in the city include UPS, Humana and Amazon.
There is much to do in Louisville, starting with a visit to some of the city's famous museums, such as Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, where major league bats are produced. The Kentucky Derby Museum and the Muhammed Ali Museum are also crowd-pleasers.

Kentucky is also known as the birthplace of bourbon whiskey, with one-third of the production happening right in Louisville. Urban bourbon distilleries and bars, which range from historic to hip, are sprinkled throughout the city. As you make your way through Louisville, you will discover that there is no shortage of diverse restaurants, bars and shopping and entertainment venues.

Nature lovers enjoy touring the Louisville Mega cavern, which runs underneath the city for an astonishing 17 miles. A trip to the Louisville Zoo never disappoints, and in Louisville you will find 18 parks filled with beautiful walking trails.

There are 20 colleges located within 40 miles of Louisville, several within the city limits. Best known is the University of Louisville, noted for its research, academic and athletic excellence.

The median home value of real estate in Louisville is $120,600. Neighborhoods in the Louisville real estate market include Cherokee Gardens, a family friendly area with good public schools, nearby parks and shopping. Germantown, with its well-kept historic homes, is an affordable neighborhood located just southeast of downtown that appeals to both singles and young families. Old Louisville is a neighborhood that caters to a younger crowd. Here you will find plenty of amenities, such as eateries, museums and performing arts venues.

If you are in the home-stretch of house hunting, check out Louisville, and you may get lucky in Kentucky!

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