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Marietta, GA

Located within Metro Atlanta, Marietta is a city rich in history and culture. Warm, balmy summers and temperate winters offer the perfect climate for the city's many cultural events and family friendly activities. One of the most visited cities in the Peach State, Marietta features six historic districts and a vibrant downtown. Check out the Gone With The Wind museum, visit one of the many locally owned shops or restaurants and catch a free concert in Glover Park at the heart of Marietta Square. Eat your way through the weekly Marietta Square Farmer's Market and then wash it down with an IPA or a "Naughty Soda" at Ironmonger Brewing Company. And don't forget to drive out to the iconic Big Chicken for some roadside nostalgia.

History buffs can get lost in the past by visiting one of the many Civil War cemeteries, memorials and museums. Hikers and bikers will be happy to find lots of outdoor activities in one of Marietta's many parks, including the Sope Creek Trail, which meanders along the banks of the Chattahoochee River.

Home Depot and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics have offices headquartered here, and Marietta is widely known as a popular option for new corporate growth. With an expanding job market, abundant tourism and a low rate of crime, Marietta is an excellent choice for young families looking to buy their first homes or for those looking to relocate to a vibrant community.

Real estate in Marietta is hot right now, with buyers finding good stock at accessible prices. The median home price is $357,000, but since it's currently a buyer's market, homes are going for less. Many available homes feature swimming pools perfect for hot and lazy summer days. With welcoming neighborhoods that ooze signature southern charm, it's not hard to imagine yourself happy in Marietta

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