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McKinney, TX

The city of McKinney, located 30 miles north of Dallas, Texas, is a gem that often gets overlooked in the DFW-area shuffle. That’s just fine by the city’s residents, however, who appreciate everything the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has to offer, but prefer an overall quieter hometown feel for raising families and generally enjoying life. McKinney’s footprint in Texas history is largely marked by the presence of one of the state’s largest historical districts, where visitors and residents can explore local landmarks while also being privy to the more than 100 shops, dozens of restaurants, art galleries, night life and more! McKinney homes for sale are currently listed at an affordable median price of $377,990. Homes for sale in McKinney can be found at all price points, and popular neighborhoods include Adriatica Village and Craig Ranch, which boasts acres of green space.

In 2014 Money Magazine named McKinney the "Number One Best Place to Live in America," and the city has maintained its position near the top of this list for many other years, and for good reason! Part of the draw of McKinney is the professional opportunities across a range of industries, including manufacturing, aviation, defense, transportation, medical technology and data management, to name a few. The city’s devotion to sustainable developments has also managed to both attract established companies and promote the success of home-grown entities.

Quality of life is also very important to McKinney residents and city officials, which is why the area is meticulously maintained to keep it at the top of its game. The tree-lined streets, which McKinney is known for, offer a quaint air of small town friendliness, and the school system is constantly supported to remain one of the best in the state. There’s also plenty for everyone to do in and around McKinney, with a full schedule of outdoor festivals and concerts that attract local revelers to see and experience the city. McKinney is also hallmarked by its thriving arts and culture scene, top-notch dining opportunities and impressive network of trails, perfect for cyclists, hikers and nature lovers, in general.

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